Are We Ready For This?

Dr. Michael LaitmanDo we live in an aspiration for unity? Does love unite us there?

No, and that’s why we experience all our troubles. It does not matter that the external complaints of the world against us are different. There is one demand behind all the accusations: our happiness is in your hands. Do what you need to do or disappear because if you don’t, then nobody needs you.

Today, this demand sounds louder than ever.

We are tired. The world is tired. Crises, wars, diseases, and environmental disasters have battered the Earth so much that the groaning is everywhere.

This demand is to us: to the people of Israel. Become one people. Show the world that this is the only way to live.

And as soon as we start to approach the realization of this idea, as soon as we take the first step and direct our thoughts towards Oneness, as soon as we decide, finally, that we cannot survive in any other way; we will immediately see the attitude towards us change, as the world stands waiting for a miracle. And our worst enemies will retreat. Our Oneness will defeat them. It will give strength to our army.

We will win without casualties; just understand this! Our children will not be killed! By our unity, we will create an impenetrable dome around them, around our army, around the whole of Israel. We will radiate such confidence, such happiness that everyone will want to live like this.

The whole world!

Why?! Because by doing so we will get closer to the Law of Unity, which runs the world. The Law of Love. And it will help us.

So, will we hear this time?

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  1. So what is needed from your students to achieve this ? You said during the congress in NY, that all we needed to do was to come a millimeter closer to each other to achieve the first degree. Yet it seems in NY we failed to achieve this.

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