Desires That Enhance Spirituality

Dr. Michael Laitman“But if it is a white discoloration on the skin of his body, which does not appear to be deeper than the skin and the hair in it has not turned white, the priest shall isolate the affected person for seven days.” (The Torah, Leviticus, Tazri’a, 13:04)

“Hair” signifies the exit of excesses that the body wants to rid itself of through the skin. By internally digesting all egoistic levels, one corrects these desires, thus continues growing and functioning.

Anything that is not functional in the body leaves it naturally. In spirituality, there also exists a similar phenomenon that is “positioned” right after the very last egoistic level of desires—the skin. Going beyond this level is carried out in the form of excess desires that at the human level are represented as hair.

However, humans have significantly less hair than animals since a human being is able to “digest” more egoistic desires and re-direct them towards bestowal and love.

On the other hand, there is not even a millimeter on our body that is not covered by hair. And so Se’arot (hair) stand for a person’s huge desires that yet have to be oriented towards correction, but so far they have not been re-directed properly.

If one’s desires are correct, they cascade from one’s head in the form of side curls, beard, etc. and properly wrap a person. Related to this is the concept of “hermit” (Nazir) who never cuts his hair.

Women, on the contrary, attract men with their hair because in spirituality a woman draws a man by her desires to bestow, to spiritual love.

Men lack these kinds of desires and women attract them by letting men take their desires, correct them, and thus rise. Here you can see interesting correlations, even in how through the process of development mankind changed hairstyles keeping it within a cover.

A religious woman always covers her hair since she doesn’t let strangers take her desires. She is only allowed to reveal her hair in front of her husband.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/19/14

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