Everyone Has His Own Disturbances

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Creator gives everyone his or her own obstacles. I am forced to work 12 hours per day. How can I invest myself in the group most qualitatively in my remaining free time?

Answer: My teacher Rabash also worked 12 hours per day paving roads. This was

very hard physical work: hauling, pulling, pushing, moving from place to place, and digging. In those times, except for a shovel and a crowbar, there was no technology. Workers paved the highway from Jerusalem to Hebron from five in the morning until seven in the evening.

Certainly, on the one hand, you could try to find an easier job where you could improve your situation. On the other hand, if you invest not just effort but the right effort in the group, then everything will be changed: The Creator will give you more options. It could be that now the Creator is giving this to you so that you will transgress less.

No one knows. Here we want to see the big picture: Why is this given to a person in this way. We cannot interfere with this. But in principle, a person is able to choose lighter work for himself, but on condition that he will invest all of his free time and energy in serious spiritual effort.
From the talk at a meal at the Toronto Congress, 4/08/14

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