Practical Steps

Each of us [in Israel] has family, friends, colleagues, and army buddies. Do the names of your friends and acquaintances come to mind? Perfect! Invite them to a meeting. It can take place in your living room, in a park, or in a club, it doesn’t matter where. Sit in a circle and start to talk about the relationships between you. Talk about how to preserve the unity of the people, how to strengthen it, to maximize it, and how to keep it at the boiling point.

Talk about how to open the hearts of each other, about how we, all the participants of this conversation, are tightly connected with each other. Yes, talk about what will happens if we can become really close to each other.

During the conversation you need to remember one important rule: everyone complements each other. We do not argue, do not interrupt, and do not change the subject. There is no participant who is more important or less important. Everyone is equal and equally important.

Has one of us started talking? Wonderful! After he has finished, the next one starts talking, followed by the next, and so on around the circle. By doing this, you naturally feel warmth, safety, and strength. This is the strength of our unity, the basis on which we were born as a nation [Israel].

If we create circular connections between us, similar to circular connections in nature, we will feel a great inner strength. And it is this force that will create a healthy atmosphere in society, thanks to which peace, tranquility, and success will naturally come to us.

Would you like to check that it is not fantasy? Do you want to experience this force of unity? Take part in one of the circles that we hold throughout the country, or just invite us to your place, and we will gladly come.

Roundtables Nationwide

To find the nearest circle [in Israel], call tel.: 1-700-509-209.

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  1. i live in america, i would gladly invite a group to my home. Just to listen. I won’t say a thing. None of this is mine anyway, but with noone to contact noone shows up. My house is your house. And my bread your bread. Its a good dream.

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