Small Effort, Great Resonance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we conduct workshops in the community we feel that something is happening here. But our efforts don’t depend on us; the Creator is doing absolutely everything. What is happening? Why does it descend to us like a gift?

Answer: I cannot tell you what is happening. Later on you will understand yourself how it works.

Of course the upper force is doing all of this. It manages, determines, and governs us, especially when we desire to be in some unison with it.

If I become similar to it even by a tiny bit, I generate some small wave that becomes empowered by huge upper force and it creates big amplitude. Thus we advance and become surprised when suddenly everything happens. In reality, a resonance is created according to the effect of the similarity of properties.
From Lesson 5 of the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14

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