You Cannot Do Without Discussions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It seems like our unity gets a bit lost due to endless discussions and training sessions. But the strength is specifically in unity!

This is because, by and large, besides the sincerity  we convey to people through our attitude, they don’t need anything. I participated in a dissemination event and I don’t even know how to explain what happened there. It was magical!

Answer: This is the magical effect of the Upper Light! Sometimes, you go out to the general public and you have a feeling that something is not working, it doesn’t go, everything is so phony, and then everyone splits up and goes away. Then, suddenly, people approach you, almost hug you and say warm words. This is the influence of the Upper Light. That is how everything will be.

I don’t think that discussions, training sessions and so forth, lead to anything. They are superfluous. This is how the method is created. The essence itself is crystallized, and 90% of the things that are unnecessary are thrown aside.

You tried something and tossed it aside. With this, you scrutinize all of your tools. Then, you gather those that you need. Those that you don’t need, you leave aside for a while. After that, go back, collect and connect them. They come back just like in ruminants that chew their cud.

First, you process your actions and leave them for a while. After that, you go over them again and again, until you really use all of your previous garbage. However, they are no longer left-over garbage, but the most valuable means.

Ultimately, you constantly connect theory, practice, and discussion anyway. All of this is necessary only if you don’t approach them artificially. So, when a need for discussion appears, it is necessary to arrange for it.
From the Conversation at Sochi Convention 6/9/14

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