Working In A Broken Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanRamhal, “Mighty in Heaven”: The sages said, “The work in the heart is a prayer.” Thus Nukva, because of how it manages all the worlds, is called a heart. And it turns out that all the hearts in all the people are nothing but parts of that heart. This means that all the hearts stem from Nukva and are therefore called its parts. And here this matter of the heart is interpreted in all the souls that stem from it.

And it turns out that there is no whole heart unless it includes all the phases of the heart that stem from it in all the souls. Then when it includes (them all), it will understand in the sense of “the heart understands” all of the general Providence.

We should understand that we are parts of the general Malchut that is called the general heart, and that we should unite our hearts, and thus correct them. None of us needs a private correction; there is nothing to correct in a person, only his attitude towards others.

This is the first discernment that we have to realize: No one is corrupt; it is only the connections between us that are corrupt. By correcting these connections between us, we can merge into one general heart. According to our connection we will understand the One who bestows, His level, and His attribute because we will become like Him.

This is what we should engage in, in our connection above all the egoistic discernments that are revealed, separate us, keep us apart, and make us repelled by one another. All the events in our life are meant to show us the place of our work and where there is no connection between us yet.

Everything that happens to us in this world is the sum of all the individual states that stem from lack of connection. When these states connect, we feel this reality as this world, which means the lack of connection in different discernments. It is revealed to us to the extent that we can survive under the conditions of lack of connection and start our correction from it.

Therefore, all our work is in raising MAN for this connection by using all the means we have. Then the Light that once used to fill the whole vessel of the soul influences all our parts and reconnects them, as we return to being one soul, one heart,

All our work is done in a broken heart in order to connect our hearts in it, and in accordance with this, we  feel and understand what it is to be one whole general heart.

If we feel that we are like a guest before the host and from this state we pull the lines to our current state, we will never be wrong in any of the states that we find ourselves in.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/14

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