Where Is The “Group Of Abraham” Today?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe nation of Israel is a collective definition of people whose ancestors inhabited ancient Babylon and received awakening to “the work of the Creator,” to reaching adhesion with Him. Abraham chose such people and organized them into his group. We are joining the same group consisting of people who exist in our world as well as the souls that don’t have material bodies.

In essence, it’s the very same group, the same souls, connecting to each other to reveal the spiritual world, the Creator, to achieve similarity with Him, and to bring Him contentment. All of these souls together are called the group of Abraham.

Part of these souls has fallen from the spiritual degree and is completely lost; nobody knows where they are. It’s said that 22 million people have been discovered in Pakistan, who, allegedly, once belonged to the people of Israel. It’s impossible to know now, and it’s not that important. We are thinking not in terms of “headcount,” but in relation to the souls, desires.

As to desire, those who are aspiring to attain the spiritual world today as well as those who have attained it in all the generations, together, are considered to be part of the group of Abraham. Besides, those who were once at the spiritual degree and then fell from it, forsaking “the work of the Creator,” are now in a “dormant” state, waiting to re-attain what they have lost. They, too, belong to this group.

It turns out that “Israel” (Yashar-Kel or straight to the Creator “) is a rather numerous group since a lot of people “passed through” it over the past generations. That group needs to constantly strengthen itself. We are all working to attain spirituality while still in this world, and we are joined by all the souls from the upper world, from another dimension, which are assisting us, working together with us in a unified system to pass the Light into the common soul of Adam HaRishon.

By doing so, we are awakening all the souls that have fallen from the spiritual world during the destruction of the First and Second Temples; we are helping them to come back. After all, they have become entangled in other desires and souls, which is called “being in exile.” In addition, we are awakening souls that have never been awakened before.

We are not working alone, but together with the souls of the Patriarchs, of Abraham, of the group from ancient Babylon! It’s an immense system.

But even if the system connects to itself all the souls, all the people in the world, and if all the souls in the spiritual world pass the Light to correct their desires, all that will only be a thin line in the world of Infinity, Nefesh de Nefesh. That’s how enormous Malchut of the world of Infinity is.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/22/2011, “Introduction to the Book, Panim Meirot uMasbirot

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    HOLY ZOHAR text there exist THE TREE OF LIFE and Ten Sefirot ROSH (Keter, Chohcma, and Bina) THE GUF (Body)Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet and Netzah, Hod, Yesod…Malchut. My QUESTION is How I can know What is my own aspect or where is my place in this THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE? This Spiritual work is going only together with this GROUP.. TORAH texts is written that connection between JAKOB – in Tifferet and JOSEF -in Jesod, that They are in The MIDDLE LINE connect. HOW this is working? JOSEF is blessed so that He had the ability connect with all The Ten Sefirot and even with PHARAOH.
    When this Spiritual Work exist between The Group of Ten so it is HOLY Moment from THE GREATOR. There is LOVE and LIGHT and positive attitude between The GROUPs Members… ( This is The Spiritual Group of TEN?????) This connection is Ten Sefirot between The Friends and GROUP.

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