The Group That Will Save The World

A Group that will Save the WorldQuestion: Tell me something, Laitman, how do you come to view the Jewish people as a group destined to save the world? From where have you read such a concept or seen a similar quote. Yes, you may cite the Bible and other religious tracts or writings of other religious people who also believe as you do but aside from that how do you come to such an idea.

I am Jewish also but do not have an arrogant view of this group of people. They are a good people and a talented people but surely not a better people with a higher degree of morality than any other group who believes as they do.

I do not say that the Jewish people are not better than Jihadists! Of course they are. I do not say that the Jewish people are not better than the neo-Nazis. Of course they are. But I also do not say that the Jewish people are better than other groups of persons who also believe that Jihadists and neo-Nazis are not human beings nor act as human beings.

All things being equal, why do you possess the arrogant and false view of the Jewish people. It is exactly this view that has caused problems too many times and which I cannot tolerate.

Answer: Unfortunately, perhaps. However, it is just so, we are a special group among all the nations. I emphasize—a group, and not a nation. A nation is a group of people that has formed in a natural (earthly) way. We, however, became a nation by having assumed the idea of unity above the egoism that separates us. Until we assembled in “Abraham’s tent” from different residents of Babylon, we were egoists, like all the other Babylonians.

Humanity must achieve unity and attain similarity (balance, homeostasis) with nature. Otherwise, we are a cancerous tumor that destroys its environment, and as a result, kills itself.

Anti-Semitism is the acknowledgement of the dependency of the nations on the Jews, surmising that some kind of secret exists within us. This is exactly what I wish to reveal, both to the Jewish people and to the nations of the world. After all, the Jews too do not know why they are being hated. By the way, the article in the New York Times has become so popular that I hope to gradually enlighten all of humanity this way!

Over two million non-Jewish students are studying at my Kabbalah university, and they perceive this fact as the program of nature. It’s advisable that you simply read a little more on this topic. Best of luck!

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