The Way To A State Of Yom Kippur

Dr. Michael LaitmanM. Weisman, “Midrash Sefer,“Acharei Mot,” “Holy Work on Yom Kippur”: May it be Your will, oh Lord, that this year will be blessed with lots of rain, sun, shade and dew; that this will be a year of mercy from Heaven, a blessed year, a year of abundance, of success in what we do, a year in which Your people, the nation of Israel will not be dependent on one another and will not dominate one another.

At first glance this prayer seems like a common prayer: Give me everything that I need, that my corporeal body needs, that the whole nation needs; let there be peace and abundance. But prayers that ask for our ego to feel comfortable don’t reach the Creator. Only prayers in which we raise our request for correction rise to Him, and this is what we mean in receiving all the benefits that are specified in this prayer. After all, the Light is spread over us and is ready to fill us completely. The cow wants to feed more than the calf wants to suckle and bursts with an abundance of milk.

But the point is that we are not ready to receive the abundant Light. So when we ask for one thing or another in the spiritual world, in the internal attribute, we refer to correction: “Give us the opportunity to build a Masach (screen) so that we will be able to receive the filling that comes by the Upper Lights for Your sake.”

Yom Kippur is not the revelation of to bestow in order to bestow, but of to receive in order to bestow.  The fulfillment of to bestow in order to bestow is symbolized by Chanukah and to receive in order to bestow is symbolized by Purim. In order to approach the state of Yom Kippur we have to keep all the conditions that we were given during the giving of the Torah, which means to clarify all of our 613 desires and to ascend to the level of the great priest.

This means to reveal inside us the lowest desires and to receive the highest Light on them and raise them to the level of the great priest when Malchut of Atzilut raises her desires to GAR of Atzilut, to Arich Anpin. This state is called Yom Kippur and it symbolizes the revelation of all the desires that will later be revealed and will receive their filling in Purim (Kippurim is the same as Purim).

This is an immense level; the great Upper Light begins to illuminate all our desires and shines in each one’s soul. We begin to understand what we have to do with it.

Such serious work is done under the influence of the Upper Light in a group, during the study that is focused properly by the teacher. This is the preparation for the spiritual level.

On the whole, we mustn’t picture a certain day, a Temple, a mountain, or Jerusalem. These are all a person’s internal attributes, which he should attain internally this way, reveal and dominate them, and ascend to the level of the great priest.

The main thing is that all these corrections lead to the point of unity. Therefore it is said: “… a year in which Your people, the nation of Israel, will not be dependent on one another and will not dominate one another.” It is in this point of unity that the connection with the Creator is felt. It is only by the attainment of unity that we will begin to feel “one reveals One.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/12/14

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