Yom Kippur: Sorrow Or Joy?

Dr. Michael LaitmanMidrash Sefer, “Acharei Mot”: Moses who was on a very high spiritual level was given a special state. The Creator told him: “You can enter the Holy of Holies any time you wish to speak to Me. Any time you enter and wish to hear My word, My voice will be heard between the cherubs and reach your ears.”

Moses was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies any time because he was on the middle line between the two cherubs, between the right and the left lines. The level of Moses is the level on which a person is continuously in the state of the Holy of Holies, in the state of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement).

You can disagree: “Yom Kippur is a state of sorrow when a person cries about what he discovers inside him.” But did Moses constantly cry and ask for something? On the contrary, he was happy, since, in fact, Yom Kippur is actually a day of joy and not of weeping. People simply don’t understand the truth and so they cry and torment themselves the whole day.

In fact, if I advance and yearn to discover the negative attributes inside me which were initially created by the Creator, and ask Him: “Correct me so that I will be closer to You. This is how I want to delight You: by bestowal and comprehensive love…” then it is an ascent for me and an inspiration.

In this case, Yom Kippur becomes a day of joy instead of a day for tears, a state of continuous awe! This is a day of double holiness, of double bestowal, when not only my desires of bestowal, but also my desires of receiving, work in order to bestow. This is the level of Moses.

On the level of Aaron this state is attained only once a year, whereas on the level of Moses, it is continuous. Therefore, every person must reach the level of Moses.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/12/14 

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  1. These two cherubs would be the Evil Inclination on the left and the Good Inclination on the right and to achieve the level of Moses would make us virtuous. The Good Inclination gains dominion over the Evil Inclination. “Better is one lightly esteemed who owns a servant, than one who pranks himself but lacks bread” Proverbs 12:9. the Zohar says that if the right side prevails over the left side, the left will bow to the right. Yom Kippur is the joy of one recognizing the Evil Inclination as our true enemy, we can now start to remove its influences over us.

    I will quietly celebrate my joy my showing my humility. For humility is the utmost trait that can help me overcome my ego as the Torah and the power of the Zohar empower me to rise above this physical dimension to gain the concealed spiritual powers to avert the effects of the negative intelligent energy forces of the Evil Inclination.

  2. Dear Rabbi

    You are my favourite teacher. Thank you and have a happy day. Together we are all stronger. Let there be peace, joy, good health and moderate prosperity for all citizens of our beloved planet earth. The work that the BRICKS countries are doing is a positive balancing initiative. Please don’t kill. We serve a mercyful Creator who cares for all regardless of our struggles to mature as one soul. Our biology really temps us each and everyday. Our Creator designed us this way. We have to persevere. Stay strong! Stay focused. New beginnings are granted to everybody who keep on keeping on.

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