The Person Develops The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we really discover the Creator among us now?

Answer: We understand the concept “Creator” as a sensation of fellowship, connection and love. This is not something limited in space and volume. Rather, this is the general force of nature by which we live. We develop it; that’s what we do.

If we can be organized so that we discover this force, then it will exist. Likewise, it also will influence us, and we also will be connected to it. This means that the person develops the Creator.

We must constantly try to find this current through which all of us advance and exist. We must avoid extraneous thoughts and activities. This means that everything will be directed only toward connection. It will live in us, and we automatically will feel it.

As is understood, from each one of us, there will be a particular effort in this regard. Yet, this effort will become desirable. It will be like a person who plays basketball and invests effort in this, but enjoys it. After all, in this world, we get pleasure from many activities in which we seem to invest great efforts.

So, we must understand that our efforts will create pleasurable sensation in us. Specifically, it will create an urge to come closer, intending to satisfy the Creator. This will make us happy and give us vitality.

MAN is what nourished us in the wilderness. MAN is the ascent of desire. In the physical world, we work and then get paid, whereas spiritual work itself becomes the payoff. The efforts become our nourishment. A sensation of lack, hunger, and yearning fulfills us.

So, we suddenly will begin to understand that we were even in this perfected state before. We just didn’t feel it, and, now that we have cleansed all of our intentions, have prepared the sensory Kli, we see that we exist within this. Nothing changes except the fact that we have begun to understand correctly the state we are in. It appears before us as a universe that has changed, as a humanity that has changed, as another world. However, all of this is in relation to us because we are the ones who have changed.

MAN (prayer) is mutual yearning, mutual help, being concerned that my friends will discover the higher force! This becomes the only goal of my efforts, and, if I ask myself, “What am I thinking about?” this means that I am concerned that all of the friends throughout the world, our entire immense group, will receive the discovery of the characteristic of bestowal and love between us. If all of us will think this way, as having responsibility for everyone else, then this will succeed.

It is up to us to reach this. Don’t expect any external changes, only internal changes that must be such that we feel the higher world within our regular state.

So, we must have only one singular request as the goal. The yearning must be shared. The intentions and the thoughts of each must be not about himself, about his attainments, but only about our attainments. In the first stage, it is “we,” instead of “me.” In the next stage, it is a single whole, instead of “we.” All of us merge with the Creator. That is how the sole higher force of nature begins to be discovered within the connection between us.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 1

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