The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 51

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

The Vegetative Group

Plants are one of the major groups of multicellular organisms (Wikipedia, “Plants”)

This definition, in order not to distract the reader, is taken in an abbreviated form and illustrates the theme of this book, which is that a plant is a body consisting of a set of interacting cells.

It is important to note that plants, in similarity to cells, are attracted to mutual cooperation and are very successful in it. With respect to plants, “social” terminology is used very often.

Phytosociology is a sub-section of geobotany and biogeocenology, which study plant communities relationships,and the forming these of communities in plants. (Biological Encyclopedic Dictionary “Phytosociology”)

What would you say regarding this definition?

A vegetative association is the basic unit of classification of plant communities (phytocoenosis). (Academic Dictionary)

But the most convincing in the sociality of plants is the following definition.

A grouping of plants is a complex of plants from phytocenosis to random settlements of plants. (Ecological Dictionary “Grouping of Vegetation”)

There is a full set of terms related to human communities: relationships, associations, settlements and even grouping.

It seems that plants have gone far in social terms from its predecessors – cells.

Among other things, they are able to transmit information to each other over long distances and also use intermediaries from other biological communities for this purpose.

To prove the existence of this communication method, scientists from China used several pairs of tomato seedlings connected by a mushroom network. Upon receiving the signal of an attack on their neighbors, the plants reacted by releasing substances which spoil the taste of the leaves or even kill the disease-causing parasites.

“It’s a very robust system that could allow for the movement of signal proteins over many metres,” Durall says. Mycorrhizal networks even tie together plants of different species, which means different species might be able to communicate with each other. Last year they found a network weaving its way through an entire Canadian forest, with each tree connected to dozens of its neighbours over distances of 30 metres.” (Source: New Scientist)

That’s right. Socially, plants are far advanced. However, a generalized conclusion is needed to complete the picture. Indeed, how do plants stand out from other forms of nature?

In our opinion, Kabbalah gives a very original, albeit peculiar, interpretation of social relationships in the vegetative world.

“Yet, as we can see in corporeal flora, even though they are mobile and expand in width and length, still, all the plants have a single property. In other words, there is not a single plant that can go against the method of all the plants. “All the plants are like a single creature and the individual plants are specific organs of that animal.” (Baal HaSulam, Shamati #115)

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