A New Man – A “Post-Human” Man

laitman_229Observation (M. Hoffman, sociologist, Columbia University, New York): “Society that considers economic development as its primary goal needs a de-personalized human being to be its primary functional particle: ‘only a machine will bring people to freedom and contentment.’ In the 18th century, Leibniz stated that a man/mechanism is similar to a watch.

“The notion of a ‘live human screw’ has been developed to a present-day ideal of a ‘human-computer.’ The human logic surrendered and adjusted to the intellectual mentality of a computer. The post-industrial society intended to turn a human being into a machine. Science fiction considered transformation of the ‘imperfect’ human being into an impeccable machine that combines the Terminator’s athletic figure and a powerful computer-like intellect (a humanlike machine with boundless possibilities) to be a smart idea.”

Comment: As a result, we ended up in the dead end of modern civilization: Everybody thinks that they have to possess everything that will make them happy, but at the same time people are turned into miserable robots.

The solution to this problem is a reasonable limitation of the material fulfillment and unlimited spiritual self-actualization. It will create a sensation of complete material and psychological comfort. It is not about a “still” sensation of well-being, but rather a continuous aspiration to an infinite spiritual fulfillment.

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