The Point Between Acceleration And A Jump

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person who begins studying Kabbalah and uses all of its tools eventually reaches a critical point when he must stop to develop by force, unconsciously. The first stage is intended to get him acquainted with his state, and this stage is necessary.

However, then he reaches a bifurcation point, a sudden change of a previously stable state, a breaking point when he must evaluate and reexamine his entire attitude toward development, life, his desire, the Light, and all the tools at his disposal. He completely changes his entire previous paradigm, his entire life philosophy, and his perception of the system where he exists.

Previously, this system controlled him because he fully operated within nature, and he only imagined himself to be above it from his lack of understanding. Now, he understands his full dependence on nature, its forces and laws, and he must take its governance into his own hands, as it is written: “My sons have defeated me.” Then, the person understands the special breaking point where he is.

Before, he only thought that he changed something in his life, but in reality, he obediently followed nature’s orders without any freedom of choice. Now, he is given freedom. He begins to see the world as something chaotic, without any order. He is given this sensation on purpose so that he, himself, would want to bring everything into order, connect everything, and control the world.

Here, he receives an opportunity to ask the Creator for strength, understanding, and advancement through faith above reason because he desires to be related to higher states. He wants to receive a new mind and new qualities from there and thus bring his world into balance. This is because the world is the reflection of the inner order in man, according to his inner perception of reality, and not the external perception.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/2011, Shamati #21

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