FAQ On Kabbalah – No Red Strings

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  1. You can see how all religions originated from Kabbalah if you really look at it closely and think about it. If religions today look back on people from thousands of years ago, the general concept is that people who lived a long time ago had less complicated lives, thus, were less “corrupt” and closer to God in a sense. They didn’t have the distractions of today. And, if we look further back then these less complicated lives, we can see that humanity didn’t have certain religions, and even before that, they were just with themselves and God. So, humanity at the beginning of time had a concept of giving to others, however, it was probably more natural because they didn’t have today’s distractions or distortions of reality or religions and they had time to study their relationship with themselves and God. Also, if all throughout humanity, there has always been a need to bestow to others, then where did the concept come from? It didn’t come out of no where, by asking this, we can see that it has always been around in mankind. It didn’t just appear a thousand years ago with a new religion.

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