A New Coefficient Is The Catalyst Of Advancement

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe start to develop correctly when we finally understand that we have to provide a new desire for our development. That is why we need a group for studying. The group awakens us and gives us a desire, and by studying, we draw the Light that Reforms.

The Light turns the desire obtained from the group, the environment, to bestowal. Thus, we start to grow spiritually. From now on, the reins guiding our development are in our hands, and we have to begin to manage them with the help of the environment and the Surrounding Light.

The person who has received an invitation to rise must see that his desire is constantly renewed. We are given the usual, initial desire, “substance,” but we ourselves need to add the spiritual aspiration for the form for which we want to use our natural desire: for reception or bestowal.

Therefore, we must always aspire to be in ascent, in a state of searching and demand help from the group and the Surrounding Light. If a person feels that he has no desire and no demand for the Light, this means that he has not received this additional desire from the group and does not feel the need to ask about his correction.

Not only are certain people actively seeking correction and studying Kabbalah, but today, all of humanity is at this turning point, and it is called a crisis. This is a real crisis because we have to review our entire attitude toward life.

Until now, we were advancing in the compulsory order, involuntarily, driven by our growing egoism. The Light worked on the desire to enjoy and developed it linearly, progressively. However, suddenly, a new coefficient, “the catalyst of advancement,” has been added to this function.

Due to this coefficient, we are changing our development both qualitatively and quantitatively. From now on, we are not developing along a gently sloping, straight line—we rise qualitatively toward the Creator. Thus, we begin to grow as people called Adam, man.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/13/2011Shamati #21

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