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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should a person study the Torah literally?

Answer: No. Interestingly when a person reaches internal attainment he begins to see what the Torah says, although he may not have even read it.

The whole Torah appears before him. He understands that he should say certain things and that if he looks at the book, he will actually see that. In our world people read the Torah and don’t understand what it is about. A person who attains spirituality, however, reaches this internally.

It is all the revelation of the spiritual basis inside him, since all the desires, the intentions, the attributes, and all the Light exist in one single volume. Now, too, we are in the world of Infinity, but to the extent that a person discovers himself and adapts himself to the world of Infinity, he sees volumes, depths, and heights that are much greater and he sees it in all the revelations.

Kabbalists have revealed everything that they describe. A person even begins to understand which of the Kabbalists a certain revelation belongs to: this, for example, was written by Baal HaSulam, and this was written by the Ari. Everything depends on a person’s soul. Ramchal, for example, could fully describe the Temple since this was his level of attainment. By the special power of the attribute of his soul he simply discovered it inside him and described it.

Question: Often the mind prevents us constantly resisting, saying: “You must memorize, you must understand.”

Answer: This is totally wrong. There should be no memorizing here. Even without perceiving the words or the phrases of the Torah, and even by revealing the text, a person still attains it if he works correctly. He receives everything that he needs.
From Kab TV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/19/13

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