The Torah As An Engine For Change

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah is a force, a means that corrects and transforms my evil inclination into a good inclination. Through its realization, if I attain a good result, then I reach Simchat Torah. Then I am happy that I had the Torah by which I corrected myself, achieved success and attained something good.

Question: if the Torah is a means for correcting evil, then the person must first identify the evil within him. And until then he doesn’t require this means. But if I have already begun searching inside, what evil will I discover?

Answer: The basic answer is that the evil is examined in relation to the Creator. Everything that is against the Creator is called evil. Whereas, the Creator is called “good and the does good” according to His actions.

My evil differentiates me from the Creator because I feel everything according to equivalence of form, and vice versa. I cannot perceive something with which I have nothing in common.

But the evil inclination is very important because the Creator is the one who created it. He created it in opposition to Himself, named it appropriately, and gave me some kind of mechanism, a key, through which I can discover this evil within me and transform it into good. And then I become good, precisely in the same form and at the same level as the Creator.

When I understand and perceive this, then the Torah acquires very great meaning in my eyes. This is because with its help I can transform from being a small bug into something very great and good, like the Creator, acquiring the same power, the same ability to bestow and love, the same knowledge, the same attainment, and the ability to become eternal and complete.

Torah for me is no longer just a Torah scroll in a chest. It is not just a book, but the power of correction, the power of inner changes.

This is a system that works and has an influence on me. It knows which desires to awaken in me, and I am changed.

This is a spice in the cauldron of the evil inclination and it could also be something outside of it. It cooks it, orders, arranges, plans, and transforms it into an opposite state. It is indeed an enormous means.

And now the whole question is, how should I use it? As far as it seems, here I will need to play some kind of role, do something myself.

And so my evil is precisely similar to the intensity of the Creator, but opposite and against Him. It is such a gigantic monster inside that it is even frightening to describe it. Therefore, the Torah must possess an even greater intensity to transform it from the evil inclination into the good inclination according to the degree of my participation.

During this process. I become good like the Creator in the same measure, in feeling and intellect, in intensity, and in all of my facets and details. By transforming my evil inclination into good, I reach compatibility with Him. Not too bad, is it?

And if this is the case, then a person who has learned to use the Torah has every reason to be happy on the Simchat Torah holiday. This is because he understands what is happening. Throughout the entire year he goes through everything by shaping and attracting the Light that Reforms to himself. This Light influences him, acts on him and corrects him time after time, flash of Light after flash of Light. And ultimately he reaches Simchat Torah, when he is entirely good and corrected.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/5/14

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