A Common Wavelength

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn The Study of the Ten Sefirot it explains from where came the Shevirah (shattering) of the collective desire and its correction—i.e., unification and connection—why they are like this, although in principle these laws are very logical, and in general we understand them with our physical nature. We must try to realize them in our workshops by immersing and being included in each other and agreeing with what a friend says. To agree means to go along with what he says. I sail on his wavelength and think like him. I don’t try to justify or judge his words, no!

I am together with him in his desires and thoughts. He says a sentence and I am within this sentence as if it were mine. This is so important that I try to guess his thought and desire such that if he were to stop, I could continue and come out with exactly what he would say. And so it is with each one of us.

We feel ourselves as completely equal, not higher and not lower than others. For only equals connect with each other and are found in mutual communication. So that is how we direct ourselves.

We try to help each other so much that from the beginning of the workshop to its end I follow myself every moment so that none of my thoughts and none of my desires will contradict the discussion, so they won’t be superfluous or foreign to what we are involved with now. It is necessary to try to be detached from the whole world, as much as possible, to be simmering only among us, to discuss everything that is happening with us and what else we can add to invite the revelation of the Upper Light upon ourselves.

The moment I see that someone is not engaged in the subject, is disconnected, is deviating from the direction—perhaps he has some personal problems—I invest effort to help him to return to our stream. Each one who departs from the common wavelength becomes a disturbance for everyone. This affects both women and men.

Someone who departs from the framework of the workshop in some way and is outside of our desires and thoughts disturbs everyone. But he disturbs himself much more. This is because he is in a unified system and is creating a disturbance within it; he is an organ that is not operating correctly and is inviting upon him a negative influence from the entire system. So we must try to be positive components of the one Kli of the collective soul.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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