An Incubator For Young Couples

Dr. Michael Laitman
It is impossible to ignore the hidden underpinnings for modern trends, the ideological component of the great human evil that refuses to return to the right course of nature. The world leaders do not need families or procreation. They are not interested in population growth and don’t need billions of “extra” people.

Thus, the policy of restricting the world population in the next generation is being implemented. The elites around the world don’t see the decline in world population as a problem, even if it is cut by 50 percent or even by 80 to 90 percent. The ten percent that are left will be enough to provide everything they need to live.The human ego is ready to disintegrate the institution of marriage, and they are leading us to that by the media, education, culture, and so on. These methods are successful in widely disseminating a new world order.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we will encounter strong opposition if we begin to talk about the correction of man, starting with the reconstruction of the family, including its role in procreation. Many will try to stop us.

Still, I hope that the hostile approach that has led to a disrespectful attitude toward the family and everything it involves is a passing phenomenon. After all, the growing crisis also hurts the elites that actually manage this trend behind the scenes. Then, they will feel that they must change their approach.

Today, they find it beneficial to support this trend so that there will be as few families as possible and as few children as possible, so that the world population will be decreased as soon as possible. However, with time, when the crisis reaches them, it will make them see things differently.If we speak about the state of Israel, however, nothing stands in our way here. There are no obstacles and no open negative attitude. Of course, we must act where we are given the chance.

It is with regard to this issue that we will face no resistance. Part of the nation believes in family values that stem from habits or a traditional approach. We remember and appreciate our parent’s home where all the relatives would gather under the same roof. We remember the neighborhood, our childhood friends, and all this is a good basis for this matter.

We must rehabilitate that tradition, which has not as yet been forgotten, and make it again a part of our culture. Use it in art and bring the concept of the family back to life. I suppose that it must be a kind of a national mission that leads to a variety of ways to support it, whether in art, movies, books or stories that emphasize the value of togetherness, love, and good parenting. We must show people the beauty in family relations that provide everyone with strong support. We must present this question assertively to the government that doesn’t offer enough support to young couples with regard to housing, maternity leave, day care, financial benefits, and so on. This issue must become a matter of national concern and should be regarded as a general national problem. We must encourage every man and woman to take on this mission.

We must bring examples of successful couples and produce TV programs that raise the subject and provide information on this issue. We should open clubs where parents and children can spend time together and encourage them to spend the weekend out in nature. It is especially important to help mothers on whom most of the burden of taking care of young children falls during the first years.

Society, the state, and the government must see the issue of general support as a national project, taking into account all the implications it may have. Thus, we will set a fine example for the entire world where the opposite trend is now evident.

I don’t only see the correction of the family in that, but the correction of the entire world. After all, we can implement good family relations through which we will teach young people in every aspect in life. The embryo is surrounded by his mother. The baby lies in a crib. The toddler is surrounded by relatives. The young child also has the supportive environment of kindergarten and school. Thus, a young couple should be surrounded by a supportive atmosphere that empowers them and assists them with dedicated care, even more than during childhood. After all, this is a difficult situation, and every family has its own particular problems.

First, we must establish a special environment by educating and taking care of young people and young couples. If we don’t follow this direction, the situation will continue to deteriorate until there will be so few people left that we will not be able to sustain the nation and keep the connection between them.

In other words, the issue of the family is a matter of great concern with regard to the state’s security, so we shouldn’t adopt the new global trends regarding this issue. We must understand that we are in a special situation, so indifference, disrespect, and intentional acts of destruction on the government’s part are simply unacceptable and a very dangerous situation.
From the program “A New Life” 7/22/14

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