Evolution Of The Method From Adam To Our Day

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe wisdom of Kabbalah works only in the realm of physical laws. There is no complexity, mysticism or religion in it. We study the most essential law of creation, which is the discovery of the higher power, the higher energy. It is highest because according to its category, it includes within it, all the rest of the forces.

Just as all of the sciences are engaged in discovering the characteristics of nature, the wisdom of Kabbalah is also involved with discovery, but only of its essential characteristic, which is this universal force.

We study in what manner it is revealed in our world and how the Kabbalists succeeded in discovering it through their yearning to understand that the world is fragmented and must be connected in complete harmony. Through their yearning for the harmony of the world, they began to understand that the power of unification is lacking in our world.

The first person who discovered this force 5774 years ago was Adam who understood that the world exists thanks to the one and only force that links all of the components of creation.

The next great Kabbalist was Abraham. He discovered not just the Higher Power and its revelation, like Adam and the ten generations of students that came after him, but the movement, the evolution of nature. Abraham understood the reason for evolution that necessarily led to Adam discovering the higher power, the revelation of the power within him to transform to become like it, meaning to rise to the highest level of attainment and development.

All of the levels, the still, vegetative, animate, and especially man, which exists within the previous three categories, are directed towards this in order to bring humanity to the necessity of uniting under the influence of two opposing forces.

One of them is the egoistic, negative force that distances people from each other. The second is the positive, altruistic force that can be revealed to help unite everyone.

When these two forces are gradually revealed more and more, a person begins to work. He locks them onto himself, changes, and understands their mutuality. In being found between them, he handles them like two reins by building himself, and he thus he rises higher and higher to the complete realization of the two forces within him.

This is the entire development of man, his evolution. This is specifically what Abraham discovered, and so his method is evolutionary. It was discovered during the crisis that humanity experienced in ancient Babylon.

The next generations of Kabbalists more deeply discovered the spiritual. First of all, the Shevirah (shattering) of one human desire into an immense number of particular desires that exist in each one of us, and the discovery of how to connect them, was discovered.

We still don’t feel this, don’t see the inner desire of each one, in what manner it is possible to use it, in what kind of combination, nor how to see that pattern within which we are connected by completing each other. Each one of us is versatile, and in every aspect of our multi-faceted nature and its features, its tastes, it is necessary to get along with others very accurately.

It turns out that an n-dimensional system was created in which each one completes everyone absolutely and nobody can be outside of this system. And only then, when all of the separated egoistic fragments begin to yearn for each other and to connect, will they begin to search for themselves within this system.

By moving towards each other, with difficulty, they find themselves by using the general higher power. We turn towards it so that it will perform these movements upon us. We want to get closer, but we don’t know how. Under the influence of the higher power, we begin to perceive and understand this. And what is required from us, in sum, is a desire that we can create together in each other by showing an example of how much we want this closeness and unity.

Other than a desire and yearning for unification, we don’t need anything. The higher power carries out the second half of the work, which is why it is called the half-Shekel. This means that I must give the first half, and the Creator gives the second half. From my side, only yearning and desire are required, and that this desire will be right to a particular degree. And it will be right if I will maintain the rules of communicating in the group. Then we will invite the power of unification and it will finish the work, will infect us, and be discovered within us.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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