Nine People Oblige The Tenth

laitman_938_03Question: If during the workshop someone becomes disengaged from the common direction, how is it possible to influence this friend gently?
Answer: First of all, if someone from the group of ten suddenly “floats off” somewhere, then the entire group of ten is to blame for it. That is what you must feel.

You must converge among yourselves strongly and try to influence him such that he will again enter into your connection and unity. First of all, it is possible to do this even without words through an exercise: Suggest everyone sing something together or change the subject to something closer to this person. In brief, it is necessary to wake him up somehow, join him to the discussion more and to connect the group of ten more.

If you have a serious group of ten, then this person, even with the most harmful habits, cannot leave it. You hold him as if with the help of a magnet. And conversely, if you let him go, even those who wanted to be in a permanent connection will not be able to hold on. Here the effort of all ten is compulsory.

You can, through your efforts, hold this person in such a state that he will not be able to break away anywhere, that this won’t interest him. He will be under your influence all the time.

Here a precise law of physics is operating. So remember: Don’t let yourselves relax, be like a single whole. Then he will not escape anywhere, for nine people oblige the tenth.

You must use one another’s desires directed towards the goal correctly: I want to receive them from the friends; I want to cling to them, to be in their desires. Moreover, they can be small or large this is unimportant. But if my friend has desires like these, I need them; they are compulsory for me. These are desires that my soul lacks in order to discover it.

In turn, I show the friend my yearning so that he will be linked to me. I am linked to him, he is linked to me and that way the connection is gradually created.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg 9/18/14, Preparatory Lesson 2

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