Regulators Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanCome, let’s imagine a technical component, a trigger, like in a computer, a “0” or “1”, or a small faucet that opens and closes something.

It is the same thing with us.  When we connect, we open a valve and something moves inside. And when we are detached, the valve is closed. That is how we work and that is how the whole system works. Light from one part enters into another part or it doesn’t. Everything works only on the basis of this single activity of connection or detachment, and nothing else.

This means that when we connect, we can influence the entire system of creation, all the worlds, our world, the nature of the still, vegetative. and the animate, our health, everything possible. We move or trigger the Light. There is nothing else in the world, only this energy. Either it moves and animates everything, or it has no access because of some wrinkles in the system.

How can we somehow create a system like this between us where the Light will flow in circuits within us, will increase and grow all the time so that we will constantly work on the discovery of more and more new valves?

Actually, these are called Sefirot. As we know, there is a Masach (screen), Ohr Hozer (returning Light), and a Zivug de Haka’a (striking interaction) on the Light and its extension from a second Partzuf to a third and so forth.

In this manner, we regulate the direction to which the Light will be extended and to which systems. And likewise, we regulate its intensity. We can activate parallel currents, all kinds of Partzufim and so forth. We can study its essence, its intensity, its characteristics, and the quality, according to what we switch on and block.

This is creative work, as you are involved in the study of the Creator, in that system which He made and gave to you so that you would begin to study it from your encounters: His thoughts and ideas, and of course, the purpose.

From me to we, from evil to good, from detachment to the development of good and Light. This is how we evolve.

And we always need to evaluate our actions and influences from above only according to the qualitative approaches and connections. This is the only way. Otherwise, we are mistaken and don’t understand the Creator. But if we specifically look from this point of view, then generally we begin to see His thoughts and ideas, His actions, and we begin to work together with Him. He summons all kinds of states, we react to them correctly and go in coordination with Him.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day Two” 9/20/14, Workshop 4

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