A Placebo Instead Of Real Medicine

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can you say about red strings and other popular lucky charms?

Answer: These are all egoistic symbols that allow those who sell them to make a profit.

Those who buy them believe in their “holy power” and to some extent, this helps them psychologically.

I have nothing against this, but we just shouldn’t connect it to the wisdom of Kabbalah. This misleads people, especially in our times when humanity needs to reeducate itself.

Man is a complex creature. A red string doesn’t change a person. It gives him some inner energy, a sense of security and psychological support. It is like a placebo given to a patient instead of real medicine, and it helps.

In any case, it is a lie since such lucky charms don’t heal a person, but only divert him from the real solution to the problem that is ripening and which must be addressed.
From talk with V. Kanevsky in Toronto, 8/05/14

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