A Prayer Requires Constant Intention

Dr. Michael LaitmanRaising a prayer to the Creator means raising our best, most intense and vivid desires and aspirations, aiming them upward as we lift our hands upward.

In this case, we connect them so that everyone finds himself immersed in others, feels himself only in others and, in this state, chooses the deepest and most important thing.

A “prayer” means our only desire from which other desires are revealed. We strive to unite the desire to reveal the unified force that governs the entire universe in the whole of nature: the forces of harmony, balance, and interconnection.

We wish the same state for ourselves, the group, the country, the world, and all of humanity. This is our intention and our effort. Constant intention is the prayer of want we want eventually to receive.

In the future, we will transform this in the following stages. We will see how our desires for unity become realized in the desire itself. Usually, when a person strives for a goal, he thinks that he wants to achieve it, but in our case, it turns out that, being in intention, we suddenly will reveal that this is the goal, and nothing else is needed. This aspiration creates the condition with which the upper becomes fulfilled. That is what is happening in us and within us.

In order to become more concentrated with each other, we will have to go back to this demand and strongly wish to formulate everything more deeply and sharply. It is formed in us in this way.

This constant aspiration itself is the goal. At the beginning, we think that this is only a condition for achieving something, and then we will see that it, itself, is the goal.
From Preparatory lesson 1 of the Congress in St. Petersburg 9/18/14

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