Warm Waves Of The Sukkot Holiday

laitman_276_01The revelation of the upper force takes place in 125 degrees by which a person approaches the Creator closer and closer. But this process advances in a unique way. To the degree that I approach, I suddenly feel the darkness of an even greater concealment again. And I advance again, overcoming the darkness, making a discovery, and finding myself in darkness again.

This is like in school, where with every ascent to the next class, the study becomes more serious and difficult. In first grade we learn while playing, in second grade it is a bit more difficult, in third grade, even more difficult. When we reach the higher grades, learning becomes intense and in the university it is very difficult.

The levels of difficulty rise sharply, exponentially, and we must take this into account. But we learn to help each other this way and to use the help of the Kabbalists and the entire organized system that has been prepared for us.

As in regular science, we use all the achievements, beginning from ancient times until our day. And even though it becomes difficult for us to advance, millions of people are working in the forefront of science today, something that requires many resources, materials, and financial means, and so science evolves.

The more we advance, the more the requirements for work increase, in quantity and quality, and mass participation is required. So, today all of humanity is entering into a unique level; many people feel the emptiness of life, which can be filled only through searching for the Creator.

For this reason a person loses the taste in life; this is something that is designed to push him towards discovery of the upper force. He will find fulfillment only if he discovers the source of life that created him and plays “hide and seek” with him.

Sukkot is a special holiday. This is the time when all who are searching for the Creator already begin to feel the warm waves, the embrace that comes from it, and this is a wonderful feeling. Like in a game of “hide the thimble,” when getting close to the place it will be found, we also say, “Warm, warmer, very hot!”

Sukkot is a special time even for those people who are still not included in the search for the upper force, but who already feel a little of what is missing. If during the holidays they at least join us somehow participating in discussion circles, then they will feel that a very unique feeling of inspiration and elevation of spirit is present that envelops all people.

We hope that together we will get to feel this warmth and discovery!
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/5/14

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