A Point Of Inspection

Laitman_109Working on self-correction, removing the concealment, and the revelation of the Creator begins when I first feel that there is a cover-up. After all, an ordinary person doesn’t notice it and feels that everything is revealed.

Once I feel the concealment, I begin to clarify that it is inside me, it isn’t somewhere between me and the Creator in some external physical space, but inside me, in my heart and mind, not letting the Creator dwell there.

Accordingly, I change and expand my heart and mind by exchanging my current attributes with new attributes. I am like a small child who is taught to look at the world and to feel things that he didn’t feel before.

I begin to work with the new attributes and gradually make it a habit that becomes my second nature. Being in contact with the new attributes, I become sensitive to them. This is how it works everywhere, including with my attitude toward the Creator.

When I work on the concealment, I begin to discover the Creator’s actions on me through it. I only need to be very delicate about it, careful, and attentive so as not to simply clarify what I think, but what He does so that I will think that way.

What do I want? Just a minute, but this isn’t what I want! What does He want me to want? This is the kind of clarification I do each time.

There is nothing in me that is mine since there is none else besides Him. The only thing that I have is a special clever point that identifies that everything in me stems from the Creator. There is only one tiny point left from which I examine and check myself, just like an inspector.

This is how I must work with my feelings, with all my life experiences, in order to use them and fulfill the goal of my life.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 9/30/14

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