Discard This Lamp!

laitman_424_02If a person has no connection with the Creator, it is not called concealment. Concealment means that I know the qualities and character of the Creator, perhaps not one hundred percent, but to a particular degree. And I know that this is now concealed from me.

Suppose I know that my friend is in the same room as me and I can recognize him by particular features; so I say he is concealed now. This means that concealment is a kind of revelation. This is because I know that it is specifically he who is concealed. It is not that I have a complete lack of knowledge and detachment.

Concealment is a kind of attainment. This is similar to an expert who checks all the components. Suddenly he discovers that there is a lack of information somewhere that still needs to be discovered. Some unique facet of the phenomenon remains concealed. But everything else is revealed to him.

There cannot be concealment without there being revelation. If you don’t recognize a friend, don’t recognize his face, his voice, how can you say that he is concealed? When you say that someone is concealed, this means you know who he is. This is very important. In other words, concealment is an inseparable part of revelation and something essential for discovery.

Through concealment I awaken myself to what I need to discover, through what means, exactly what is concealed from me and why. In other words I develop Kelim in me for a sudden discovery. When I design and accumulate within me the right deficiency, then the discovery comes.

So then I see that this concealment was in me; through feeling this concealment, the Creator arouses me to discover Him. I don’t need to light a lamp in a room to see the friend. I only need to discover my inner Kelim, and then I will sense him on a more internal and profound level than if I were to turn on a light and just see.

The Creator actually awakens me through the concealment. In this way He says to me: “Yearn for Me a little more strongly, discover an even greater yearning for Me, then you will feel Me! Discard the lamp and the light that comes from it, begin to feel Me inside, my desire, my heart. We don’t need the previous light, instead we will have a new Light of mutual feeling between us.”

Now do you understand what the Creator is trying to attain through concealment? He awakens a stratum of more internal feelings in you.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/27/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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