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Taking Care Of BusinessQuestion: When the people of Israel fell from the degree of the Temple, they moved on like sheep that keep close in the face of danger. This danger was awakened by antisemitism that followed us everywhere. Why was it so?

Answer: This began when we fell from the degree of the First Temple. Antisemitism appeared when having built the First Temple, from this highest point, the sons of Israel swept down.

But it manifested very slowly—as they descended. At first there was no obvious opposition, and still, antisemitism was already manifesting during the times of the Babylonian exile between the First and the Second Temples, at the time of Nebuchadnezzar, Queen Esther, and Haman.

At that time, I would say it manifested on the ideological level, on the level of the priests, the governmental level, but not on the level of the common people who did not yet understand this opposition, did not see it, as we see in the book of Esther.

But as we descended and grew more distant from the principle of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” antisemitism kept increasing and spread through the nations of the world.

It seems like antisemitism is irrational in its nature. The Jewish people have survived despite trials, humiliation, and destruction. The tendency to assimilate did not work: Even though many wanted to be like everyone else , still, they were not able to become like others. Also the intellectuals in the countries of Diaspora were frequently more antisemitic than the regular people.

Here we must understand that the educated people lead the antisemitic movement because they understand and perceive the difference between the ideologies, the difference in the approach to life in the depth of attainment and perception. I’d even go as far as talk about the difference in the inner philosophy of the Jewish people and the other nations.

A regular person cannot tell the difference. He can say: “So what that they are smarter, but then they are weaker. They are not like us.” After all, there are differences between all the nations, and overall, regular people do not have a special understanding in these matters. But it is possible to scare them through insinuations against the Jews, what has even happened in our time.

All of this is very irrational. Once I told an elderly woman in Siberia that I am a Jew, and she did not believe me: “Jews have horns,” she said. And the interesting thing is that I had nothing to say. She said it in such a naive and honest way that I just kept quiet. So if I do not have horns, then I am not a Jew.

But this is not what this is about. Antisemitism is a consequence of the descent of the Jewish people from the level of their highest attainment, the degree of love thy neighbor as thyself. If we had stayed up there, no one would have a problem with us language–there would be nothing but envy, good kind of envy. They would want to learn from us.

But as soon as we started falling from this level, neglecting this height, descending, antisemitism appeared right away.

So the solution is as follows: If we disregard the condition of “love thy neighbor as thyself,” which we must bring to the world, then people begin to hate us to the degree of our neglect of this condition. They want to see us carry out this commandment and teach it to them.

If we show them that we observe this condition and that we are prepared to be their teacher, we will see that any nation of the world is prepared to be our student. This is a part of nature, there is nothing that can be done about it. This preparedness is enrooted in them, and the only thing that is missing is our confidence and spiritual height. We must rise to the level of love thy neighbor as thyself and teach it to the other nations. Teach them to love instead of teaching them to live.

The world does not need anything else-—only this knowledge, this ability to be together properly interconnected between all of them.

But instead we teach others how to live, we get in their business: sciences, art, culture, even though none of it essentially is our business. And this is why they do not like us, do not want us, put pressure on us, persecute us. This is how this entire system of forces works; in fact, they push us away subconsciously: “Go, take care of your business.”

If, from the moment of arrival in Israel, we were to take care of our business, work on attaining the degree of loving thy neighbor and enlightenment of mankind—all the nations would become our loyal students. And it is not too late to begin.
From KabTV’s “Babylon Yesterday and Today” 9/24/14

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