The Holocaust: The Causes And Driving Forces

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn April 8, 2013, Israel marks the Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Day of Heroism of European Jews. Talking about this, we first need to clarify the big picture, as it is described by the wisdom of Kabbalah, which studies the descent of the general vessel from Infinity and its revelation in our world. Having been broken into parts, this vessel went through additional shattering here and then began to develop in the opposite direction. Essentially, this last stage aimed at correction began in Babylon.

In fact, we can start counting from Adam, but we are talking not about personal advancement, but about collective advancement. It became possible when the part worthy of correction emerged in the general vessel and, as it is always happens in such cases, took the responsibility for itself and for all the other parts. This is the law stemming from the structure of the integral, “analog” system, closed and completely dependent on its original ten Sefirot.

So, Abraham created the first group in the Ancient Babylon, and it became responsible for the correction of the general vessel. Abraham carried out a different kind of correction with the rest of Babylonians, and that later gave birth to various religions and beliefs. And the more effectively this group used its unity for the benefit of all the other parts, the further it developed.

This group, which in the future became named the people of Israel. It carried out correction by being connected with other souls, with other nations that lived in the land of Canaan—if we use corporeal terms to define the spiritual relationships in the general vessel. Then, there was the Egyptian exile, and after exiting it, the followers of Abraham began to correct themselves practically, reached the height of the First Temple, fell from that level into the Babylonian exile, returned and built the degree of the Second Temple, and then fell for millennia until our times.

Thus, the group of Abraham is responsible for the process of correction of the world. The program of this development consists of two parts, specifying the path of the group and the path of humanity. Moreover, the development of the group depends on the development of the world. The group doesn’t exist for itself, it is inseparable from the general community, and that is why the corrections that it carries out could suffice it, but not the world. As a consequence, throughout history, the nation of Israel has been falling, suffering, and experiencing distress. The prophets originally wrote about this; this was revealed to Jacob who embodies the correction, the middle line, which he heads. Thus, the reckoning with the nation of Israel, whether it likes it or not, is not limited to it itself. The nation of Israel depends on everyone, and everyone depends on it, and this goes on since the time of exodus from Babylon until today and the end of correction.

Thus, we cannot consider the situation around the nation of Israel from the generally accepted point of view. Indeed, in this case, we cannot get an answer to any of the questions. The world still does not understand why it is so confused with respect to this issue that seems to be secondary, but interferes like a bone in the throat. Only if we come to the correct understanding of the entire universe, as well about the mission of the people of Israel in relation to the nations of the world and the Creator, only then will we see the events in a different light.

Spiritual development conditions historical development and obliges Israel to fulfill its mission in the world, to correct itself, to bring the Light to the nations, and lead them. Israel and other nations are like Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP, one whole, about which it is said: “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples.” Precisely through this prism we should view the history of the Jewish people, not forgetting that above the general vessel of Israel and the nations, there is the Creator with His program that relates to both of these interconnected parts. It is He who set in motion the entire process, and it depends on Israel how it reacts to this process and implements it.

On the other hand, we have to understand that we do not begin the spiritual path “on the right foot.” The whole word, meaning the collective soul, is broken, and the calculation is taken not with the neutral, but with the broken vessel. One may wonder why did the nation of Israel have to descend in Egypt and suffer there? After all, it had made a correction that was required of it, reached the degree of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and done all that it had to do. Why then instead of brilliant prospects an abyss opened before it, which it had to climb out of later?

We know the answer: The nation of Israel lacked the vessels that had to be revealed. We already know that no matter in what form troubles come, they had to be turned into the correct, true ones so that awe arises instead of fear, so that the property of mercy (Hassadim) expands narrow spaces. We need to correct what comes to us—evil, suffering, exile, and misfortunes—without asking why they had come.

It is said: “From the depths I have cried to thee.” The only question is whether we have time to realize all those calls for correction that come to us with every step? If we don’t, then unfortunately, we regularly get blows, including those for which we seemingly are not to blame, similarly to what happened with the group of Jacob that was forced to descend to Egypt. The discord that brought this about was caused by the general development of vessels (desires).

So, we already understand the process, understand that broken vessels have to be revealed to us constantly, that is, unpleasant things from the get-go. It is clear, and there is no question about this. The issue is how to correct the situation quickly, in a business-like manner, at once. Perhaps at the beginning I am driven by the desire to escape troubles, evil, pain, threats, and danger, but in the end, I must perform corrections in order to connect everything to the upper Source and bring Him pleasure. This is the end of correction. It is desirable to show willingness immediately, defining the end by the original plan. That is why I have to organize the environment and be prepared for hardships in advance.

On the whole, starting his work, a person has to understand: If, together with the group he is in, he realizes free choice, then essentially, it cannot be that he will suffer. On the contrary, he sees the call from Above in everything that awakens and agitates him. Of course, he goes through descends on the way, but they are brief, fleeting. They are not those terrible shocks that occurred in the past. It all depends on preparation.

Today we see that the problem of the people of Israel with the Creator permeates all that’s happening, is unfolding in the “theater” of our world. In order to “shake” this nation, the Creator wakes up “Pharaohs”: the Egyptian, Spanish, French, or British kings, anyone you like. It could  Hitler, it could be any other dictator in whom the Creator produces a particular attitude towards the Jews, by the example of the Egyptian exile. And the Jews have to react accordingly. Even if they are not so bad and try to do something—the nations also move forward, and a larger vessel is revealed in them, causing additional pressure.

Thus, the relation between Galgalta ve Eynaim and AHP is dependent on several factors, which are difficult to explain to the world in the traditional language of the historical approach. Similarly, it is impossible to explain family troubles even to those who understand, who have their own experience. Neither novels nor epics will help; a person has to be taken inside, and then he will see himself how the general system works and is constantly changing, the system whose parts, the nations of the world, Israel, and the Creator, are inextricably connected. He will see the general program of creation that moves towards the end of correction in three lines, up the rungs of the spiritual ladder, through circles and straight lines. This is a very complex subject because we are speaking about a multifaceted program, in which countless vessels (desires) are integrally interconnected and subject to various changes.

We can give only a fragmentary, partial explanations of some historical events, but the overall picture should be just copied from the spiritual map because it cannot be adapted, adjusted, to the notions of the material world.

Let’s return to the subject of the Holocaust: It manifested in a particular state, in Europe, the cultural center of the world, in the most developed nation, at the land where many Jews lived, who were making a huge contribution to the culture, education, the economy, and other spheres of human activity. Indeed, they were ready to join this nation and dissolve in it; however, they encountered the fiercest reaction from those whom they caused no problem. This hatred seems highly irrational. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, and scientists—what positions didn’t they occupy, the Jews in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland? Why did this happen?

Again, there are several reasons. First of all, the egoistic development in the world reached the stage that required proceeding to the general correction, headed by the Jews. They were concentrated in Germany and occupied high positions, but were involved in other things. As a result, the requests and complains of AHP to them have increased enormously because, according to the program of creation, the nations felt their own helplessness. There were other circumstances: For example, Hitler received money even from America and enjoyed the support of certain sections of the population, including, at the beginning, of the Jews themselves.

In general, we can say that parts of the collective vessel are divided in a certain way, and this is reflected in our world. Anyway, the answer to all the questions and problem is simple: If the Jews for whatever reason, which is more or less dependent on them and related to the business of the past generations or to the current situation, are behind the program of creation, according to which they must bring correction to AHP, as well to the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature, raising everyone and everything to the world of Infinity, this brings them trouble. What matters is also the level and type of delay, not only its measure, but also the character. These variables are constantly changing on different levels, and that is why manifestations can be very different. However, essentially, both in particular and in general, this is the source of Antisemitism. Thus, this is where we need to look for the real causes of the Holocaust.

It is said: “The law is given and cannot be transgressed.” We are in the world ruled by a single Force, and the Force acts according to the program, according to the relationship between the Lights and the vessels. In real life, there can be plenty of difficult, terrible situations, with which we cannot, are not able to agree. And the same feelings do not allow us to accept what happened during the Holocaust.

If a volcanic eruption, or a tsunami, or the fall of a meteorite, or another natural disaster that would have killed tens of millions of people, including six million Jews, had taken place, we would not have called it the Holocaust, but a fatal disaster. However, the people in Europe not just died, they were deliberately murdered only because they were Jews. This is the phenomenon the causes of which we have to find. This is a completely different analysis: What did they do wrong in the “eyes of the Creator,” meaning from the point of view of the law of the universe that produced such an attitude towards them from others? If we ask this question, we will be able to find the answer.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/13, ”Holocaust Remembrance Day”

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  1. It is amazing how so many can turn their cheek when it doesn’t involve them and when it finally does they don’t understand how they didn’t stop it before hand.
    Great piece. Thank you!

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