In One Sheaf

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we work together in a group that surrenders itself to the upper?

Answer: For this, each one bows his head to each of the friends. With the help of the shattering of the Kelim you have been given the opportunity to work with the friends as with the Creator. You cannot see and attain this with your uncorrected desires; therefore, you work with the group.

The further you are from the upper Light, the further you are also from the friends. This builds the right state in you, a “shared field” where you can “play” and train with them. Your attitude to them is precisely your attitude to the Creator, but here you see results, you work together with them on changes of state, both in you and in the friends.

The Creator is absolute, and within the group there is reciprocity, the changes there prepare you much better for an encounter with Him. For you have two desires in you—a desire to receive and a desire to bestow—that appear before your ego and the ego of the friends; and through this you acquire a complete Kli ready to face the Creator.

The truth of the matter is that everything is prepared through divine wisdom, which supplies you with everything necessary in the form of the group for the entire path.

Suppose that you need to rise from level 120 to level 121. There, you find yourself in concealment also, and even further concealment, in absolute darkness, where there is no memory of the Creator, and inexplicable thoughts and feelings overwhelm you… so how do we rise from this terrible darkness to the next level? We do this only with the help of the group, as did the students of Rabbi Shimon. And you again discover that all the relationships between the friends are precisely adjusted for shaping this new level.

Question: So what can the group do to submit itself and to rise to the next level?

Answer: The group doesn’t need to submit itself; rather every member needs to submit himself to the concept of connection and unity. And then all of us together build a backing for revealing the Creator, a place for His residence, the Shechinah.

Question: But doesn’t there have to be a shared surrender when we pass through different states?

Answer: You feel what it is to be together, in one “sheaf” (omer). The main thing is to nullify, in other words, to submit yourself, with all your strength to build a connection between the friends. You humble your pride about the connection and are concerned only that everyone in the group, including the women and children, will be connected; that they will relate to each other with love, with understanding, without a single complaint against another. The Creator gives us a place for efforts, and we simply must build a connection among us. And if not, then there will be no continuation for this…
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/5/13, Writings of Rabash  

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