Independance Day: Where Does Independence Begin?

Independence Day: Where does Independence Begin?In the corporeal world I depend on everyone and on all. I do not know what will happen a moment from now. But when speaking about independence beyond time, space, location, and movement, here I myself define my future states by becoming free from all the factors that can change me against my will.

This can only happen in one certain case: When I am completely connected with the Creator who determines the present and the future of the entire universe.

Baal HaSulam believed that our independence begins with the actual establishment of the state of Israel because the only way we can reach unity with the Creator is through our own interconnection. And this will happen once there are no foreign elements between us. This is why we must once again gather on this land.

And when people (Jews and non-Jews), who understand their mission and strive towards unity with the Creator, work on it, their unity, the circle they create between them, turns them into a receptor of the Creator’s influence and a sensor, which reveals the Creator within them.

We fully start determining our present and future by developing and cultivating this feeling, revealing the Creator to the extent of our unity. This is the attainment of independence.

This is why there is no way to attain independence before we turn ourselves into this structure and start working on it in our world. Spiritual work begins with the physical creation of a group, which gathers into a circle and begins to cultivate the quality of bestowal, interchange and interconnection.

And then we must position ourselves in a way where everyone will lose his “I,” we would all turn into a “we,” and then this “we” would turn into a “one,” where we will begin to perceive the oneness of the quality of goodness and love, which is called the Creator.
From “A Talk about Independence Day,” 04/02/2015

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