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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The people of Israel have an unusual characteristic that is not typical of any other people, an ability to criticize and blame itself. This phenomenon especially received strong expression in the recent war. Even though most of the people wholeheartedly supported the military operation, sometimes pointed and sharp criticism was heard. What is the origin of this phenomenon and what do we do with it?

Answer: There is a very interesting phenomenon among the people of Israel that we don’t see in any other people. For example, you won’t find a Frenchman who will suddenly want to be a Spaniard or Englishman. But among the Jews there are those who don’t want to be Jews and would be happy to be French, or English, anything, just not to belong to the people of Israel.

Is there something flawed in our attitude regarding our people if we have these thoughts? Because of this, people began to criticize its people, its current state, the general attitude and his personal attitude. All this follows from the uniqueness of the people of Israel.

It is not the people according to genetic characteristics; it is not established according to a particular ideology, and it did not sprout from a particular area or from an ancient tribe that with time became a people like all the rest of the peoples. Even though people may wander from place to place, according to their genes they belong to the same father and mother.

That is, some kind of family grew gradually, at first became a village, after that a city, and finally became a whole nation. Humanity came out of ancient Babylon and scattered over the face of the globe according to tribes. Many small peoples and tribes lived in Babylon who later spread all over the globe according to their nature. From them emerged Germans, English, French, Spanish, and all the European nations. Some tribes reached India, China, Japan, and Africa.

This dispersion from Babylon throughout the world happened 3,800 years ago; this is described in great detail, by Josephus in a very interesting way. But of all the tribes of Babylon there were people who joined Abraham according to their spiritual yearning, according to the spiritual principle. They wanted to become connected to each other, to discover the higher power in nature.

This is a unified force that acts throughout the whole world within a general global system, so it is possible to discover it only in a situation when various people connect who formerly were strangers, distant and even hated each other. And if they connect among them beyond the hatred, then they build a general sense of unity.

That is how the people of Israel were created, so a multitude of different opinions and different streams always exists within it. Essentially it is a gathering of representatives of all the tribes that lived in ancient Babylon. From all seventy of the nations of the world, those who left were not willing to remain on the level of a regular mundane nation but wanted to connect and belong to the higher power, to discover and explore it, to reach the goal of creation, its peak.

These people gathered into a group that eventually became the people of Israel. Therefore, within the people of Israel there are the roots of the seventy nations of the world, and on the other hand, there is a spiritual root. The earthly and spiritual roots are opposites, and in addition to this, the roots of the seventy nations of the world oppose each other. Thus Jews are so different, argue with each other, and don’t want to connect. We can connect only during a time of trouble, in contrast to the other nations who feel a mutual connection between them and belong to their people. After all, biologically they belong to the same root, to the same father and mother, whereas this is not so for the people of Israel.

So the people of Israel are a unique nation, one could even say it was created “artificially,” unnaturally. So our enemies justly claim that there is no such thing as the people of Israel. It is a people that cannot be measured by the usual mundane standard.

Only later, after many years, by natural development and mutual integration, have we become something that resembles an ordinary people with our own national characteristics. But also among us are special groups: priests, Levites, and Israel, that are genetically different.

Apparently it is impossible to measure the people of Israel in the usual way and compare it with other nations. We will never succeed in drawing any useful conclusions as a result of this comparison because the people of Israel are a most unique people.

This explains the great self-criticism of the Jews and the divisions within the people. After all, in every Jew there is a spiritual root from the seventy nations of the world, and in addition there is also a spiritual root that determines one’s belonging to the people of Israel.

We once ascended with the help of the spiritual root to the spiritual world. We reached connection; we discovered the one higher power of nature within that. After that, we fell from the spiritual level; we lost the feeling of the higher power and the connection with it. Within every Jew there are Reshimot (reminiscences) from the different states, so he is not able to relax and be at peace with himself, for he is built in a very complicated and variegated form.
From Kab TV’s “A New Life” 7/22/14

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