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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In any person, there is a psychological matrix of what a leader should be like. When one sees somebody who is different from the rest of the crowd, one internally regards this person as a “distinct unit.” Is it true that fanatic leaders emerge as a result of the fact that the masses perceive them as such? Is it feasible to have a harmonious transition, when instead of having fanatical leaders there will be sages who come to power? In other words, should sages be also included in the psychological matrix of the way people envision their leaders?

Answer: Yes, it is true. For that, two conditions should be observed. First of all, a sage has to understand that he is a leader (or even a dictator in a sense) and impose his ideas on the society for the general benefit of others.

The sage has to get out of his constricted space and descend to the level of the general public in order to be accepted by the society and start working for the public. He has to create a small group of like-minded people and disciples who disseminate his ideas.

In fact, these people should be doing the work of prophets; they have to go to the world and spread (preach) the sage’s ideas. In general, we have already seen these historical examples at the time of establishing new religions.

On one hand, it’s a very serious and important work that the sage has to conduct. On the other hand, it can only work if the society is ready for it and if it displays social and evolutionary concern which signifies that the general public needs the knowledge that the sage offers.

That’s why the sage and the society have to cross. The society has to “catch” what the sage is talking about, the concept, and regard it as something necessary for survival. If this is the case, their interaction starts: The public has to consent to learn from the sage, to be “under” him and follow his disciples.

This process doesn’t depend on the public, but rather on our evolutionary development. Our way of development is called “a crisis” since we cannot predict anything at all, and we are breaking away from our past way of life.

Soon we will see the contradictions between what is possible and what actually is in humans and civilizations. In a world of abundance, there will be hunger. Unlimited possibilities to stay healthy will not prevent the entire world from being sick. Irrespective of having huge sources of energy, the world will suffer of its shortage, etc.

Confused and ravaged by numerous conflicts and countless problems, powerless and tormented, humanity will not succeed in finding the answer to: “Why this is happening to us? Where is this leading to?” On the other hand, the inner question will gradually emerge: “What do I live for? Why do I suffer?”

This is how we are constructed in this evolutionary development; our internal desires progressively transform, and ultimately humanity will develop a need to reveal the meaning of life. Therefore, our next stage is disclosing what the meaning of our earthly existence and the existence of the universe.

In this case, it won’t be difficult for the public to determine who can guide them—a person who can make their lives meaningful. And then there will be a sage, his prophets, disciples, administrators, educators who will be the leaders of society and will organize humanity in a proper way. This group will be similar to the Biblical Sanhedrin and it will become “the spiritual peak of the world.”
From Kab TV’s “Through Time,” 3/18/13

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