Independence Day: Unity Is The Strongest Weapon In The World

laitman_285_03Question: On [Israeli] Independence Day, we conduct military parades and talk about the military “might” that makes it possible for us to be an independent nation. Would you say that this is not the main thing?

Answer: Certainly, we don’t determine anything through military might. These are all children’s games. However, as long as we don’t become stronger on a spiritual level, then we need to be strong on the earthly level.

If we had a strong inner connection between us, no one could ever harm us. Everything depends on the degree of unity between us. Baal HaSulam writes in “Introduction to The Book of Zohar” that only unity between us determines the degree of our security. Our independence depends on that.

Question: Does the nation need to be strong to protect its borders?

Answer: Power of this type indicates the weakness of the nation. If we were strong in our inner unity, then we would have no need for an army at all because we would have no enemies.

So, independence can be through freedom from my “self.” To the degree that I can rise above it through connection with others according to the principle, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” to this degree, I am freed from all kinds of troubles, wars, terror, and everything else.

We need to act through the greatest and strongest weapon in the world, unity, which is what everyone expects from us, and, as long as it doesn’t exist, the entire world is against us, and this will only get worse because everyone is required for unity, and they see their enemy in us.

Subconsciously or consciously, everyone in the world will want the annihilation of our nation and people because our people are not carrying out their task, their mission, and in everyone’s eyes we seem as the bearer of evil, instead of good.

So, Independence Day must be a day of re-examination of the entire concept of our existence. It must be a day for exploration of our task, our mission, our destiny, our purpose, and then we can talk about having found a way to become independent.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About the Independence Day” 4/2/15

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