Independence Day: A Paradox that Leads to Full Independence

laitman_942The people of Israel need to know how to become independent, friendly, and close, as it is written, “As one man in one heart.” This is our duty to ourselves, to all of mankind, and to the Creator. We possess this method from Kabbalah, and we must realize it. Otherwise, we are not a nation.

We have returned to the land of Israel in order to materialize the opportunity to reach this state. However, if we refuse it, we must go back to the countries of exile, and we do not know what the upper force will do to us, since it desires our unity, and we contradict it.

Question: According to what you are saying, I would call Israeli Independence Day the day of our dependence on one another.

Answer: Yes, the paradox is that when we are in the state of complete dependence on one another, ourselves, and others—when the influence of the environment determines our behavior—we acquire the feeling of independence from ourselves.

How do we reach a state where we can be sure that we are not harming ourselves and others? It is only by rising above ourselves, when everyone’s “I” is under the power of the environment. We do not have anything else. We determine our independence by completely submitting ourselves to the environment.
Excerpt from the “Conversation About Independence” 4/2/15

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