Desire On The “House” Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “VaYikra” 14:36-14:37: …and afterward the priest shall go in to see the house. And he shall look on the plague…

When a person examines his desire with the help of the Upper Light that makes all the defects prominent, he understands that he has a plague, and he sees how this is revealed in relation to others.

For this he must enter into some kind of society, connect with others, and try to make moves for their sake according to the principle, “And you shall love your friend.” Everything is revealed according to the surrounding society.

The general rule, the general law of the Torah is “And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.” This means that all of the characteristics of the person are defined in relation to the camp, the tent, the city, and all of humanity, meaning in regard to others and the law, “And you shall love your neighbor.”

The characteristics of the person are the egoistic desires for the sake of reception. They are discovered according to how much he corrects them with full bestowal towards others. The correction of the desires is done from within outward.

The inner desires are the most refined. After them come the more external desires. And it could be the other way around: first the external desires are corrected, and after that the internal ones. It depends upon the style of the person’s work.

The external desires are divided into body, clothing, house, and yard. The work with the desires in the third phase that a person corrects in relation to others are called “house.”

In these desires, he sees that part of them adhere to the ego. When he is on the level of the “priest,” meaning the level of “Bina” (bestowal), he looks at the more external desires on the level of “house,” and when he sees the deficiencies in himself or in others, he can scrutinize them precisely.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/5/14

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