A Garden Of Eden For Nine Billion

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “One Commandment”: …(good deeds) are justified in and of themselves, since human conscience necessitates them. However, if one performs them from this perspective, he has not done a thing. In others words, these actions will not bring him closer to the Creator and to actual work Lishma.

Idealism and a good attitude won’t bring us closer to positive results because they contradict the thought of creation according to which we should unite through taking steps towards the upper. Actions that are not aimed at the upper force will trigger a huge failure.

Baal HaSulam used Russia as an example of a country where the idea of building communism had totally failed. If one’s reciprocal “good deeds” are not directed to the right goal, nothing positive will occur, so it is better without them

There are plenty of charities that help various countries and different segments of the population. They save people from famine, epidemics, and other disasters. Still, more and more people starve, get sick, and suffer from numerous disasters. Research shows that humanitarian aid to Africa never improved the general situation; on the contrary, acts of charity made it even worse.

How can it be that the world doesn’t know how to distribute the abundance? Why do our attempts to save people who have nothing to eat have a negative effect? At first glance, it looks illogical.

Maybe, we demotivate people from doing their work? However, nowadays they don’t have to work. It’s better to pay them for not being employed, since there is not enough work for everybody.

The fact that among the aging population there will be less working people and more “freeloaders” sounds frightening. But in reality, here is no need for so many workers. It would be even better if the vast majority of people stopped working right now. According to the latest statistics, if there are fewer jobs, the world would become a cleaner and better place. As to food, clothing, and shelter, there is enough for all.

In my eyes, less than ten percent (10%) of the population are able to provide for the normal, basic needs of the earth’s entire population. If we implement modern technologies, only two to three percent (2-3%) of the world population would have to be engaged in work to cover the needs of humanity. We have no clue what prospects are open to us by modern science, nor do we realize that a technological revolution is already at our doorstep. However, we are not ready for it because nobody knows how to reorganize the world.

Unemployment is a direct threat to the social order. Riots of youth in France and England vividly demonstrated that a few idle teenagers can destabilize the life of vast regions and districts. What if there were a million or several million hooligans with nothing to do?

This situation must be prevented. Before we change the system we live in, people have to be educated and taken care of. Special systems that serve more than 90% of the unemployed population have to be established. People have to be busy doing something else, otherwise what will happen to them?  People, who stay home without having anything to do, gradually go crazy. Marijuana was recently legalized particularly for them, but what’s next?

Family values are being broken in the Western world and significantly fewer people want to marry or have children. However, staying single does not solve their problems.

The population of our planet is forecast to grow to nine billion people in the next fifty years. Actually, it’s not the worst thing that can happen to us. In the last one hundred years, the population of one billion grew to seven billion regardless of the extremely devastating wars that took place in the 20th century.

Our major problem is becoming more apparent. At this time, our “good works” are not oriented to the higher goal. Without the correct intention that crowns the entire process, we won’t achieve any success.

On the contrary, had we organized the process correctly, the world could have turned into a paradise. For that, humanity doesn’t have to become zombies as it has now. People will acquire wisdom and obtain a new, enlightened spirit. They will realize what they are doing, and thus, they will be engaged in jobs of a completely different type.

People will be full of life. They will sense that they live in a vast reality, in an unlimited universe and that other worlds depend on them. They will interact with everybody around them. Together, they will change our reality. It is quite a different kind of work, isn’t it?

Gradually and methodically people have to be prepared for this transition.
From 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/22/14, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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