Turning The Land Of Canaan Into The Land Of Israel

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus”, 14; 33-35: And the LORD spoke unto Moses and unto Aaron, saying, “When ye are come into the land of Canaan, which I give to you for a possession, and I put the plague of leprosy in a house of the land of your possession; then he that owneth the house shall come and tell the priest, saying: ‘There seemeth to me to be as it were a plague in the house.'”

Question: I know that people can be infected by leprosy, but I have never heard that it is related to the home. What is the meaning of a home being infected?

Answer: This is only about desires. There are only desires and forces that surround us. If a force is egoistic it appears in the form of different problems like leprosy for example.

A person’s external spiritual desires are called a home, a yard, a field, and a desert. The soul is in the body and the body is in the home, the home is in the yard, and the yard is in an open place in the desert. These five levels: the soul, the body, the home, the yard, and the desert are the same five Sefirot. First they are all egoistic, and so we have to correct them.

First we speak about the correction of the body and now about a totally different level, about the correction of the home, that is about a level called the land of Canaan. A person is a mobile system while a home is connected to the land. This means that a person and his yard seemingly don’t touch one another and there is a home between them. Therefore we have to examine the level of the home now.

Canaan is the land or the desire (“land – Eretz” stems from the word “desire – Ratzon” in Hebrew) that needs to be corrected. Then the land of Canaan becomes the land of Israel. Israel is Yashar-El (straight to the Creator), in order to bestow, whereas Canaan is not that yet.

Question: There are no such attainments in modern Israel yet, so where are we living in the land of Canaan or in the land of Israel?

Answer: Only in the land of Canaan.

Everything that can be corrected on the level of the land is called Canaan. This is already a level, but a level that needs to be corrected. And there are other parts that are still very far from them since besides the land of Canaan, there is Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Babel, and the rest of the world. This is how the land gradually decreases in holiness and grows further away from love and bestowal.

The growth of the opposite attribute, the ego, begins from Egypt, where they used to embalm people. This means that they attributed godly attributes to the human body and tried to immortalize it.

If we speak about holiness, then Israel with its center in Jerusalem is the source where the upper force is revealed to the greatest extent and then it spreads to the lands that I mentioned previously.

Now these states cause the greatest problems because there are the same egoistic forces in them as there are here. Does the positive force stem from Jerusalem today? It is only terrible egoism! This of course, spreads from it, like from the center, and moves in circles to the neighboring countries.

This is the reason that Baal HaSulam said that Jerusalem is the foundation, the source of all the impure forces, and that we must correct it first and foremost. Now this demand comes from all the neighboring countries in the form of their pressure that is meant for us to correct the source of our holiness. Then everything will be fine in these countries too.

We believe that it isn’t our fault that there are wars in Syria, Lebanon, and in other places, but in fact we are to blame for everything that is happening in the world, since we are not the source of the positive force. The nations of the world are absolutely right about that, but we have to work on that. We have already seen that the pressure will not help us. On the contrary, we should all begin to approach this matter independently and work on the correction that the rest of the world expects of us so much.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/25/14

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