A Special Zone That Was Conquered From The Ego

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, Volume One, “And If You Come to the Land that Your God Gives to You”: The Creator promised the land to Abraham, as it is written, “And He said to him, I am the Lord, that has taken you from Ur Kasdim, to give you this land to inherit it.”

We should understand why the Creator first gave the land to the nations of the world, and then Israel came and had to fight and drive them out of their land, thus making the whole world complain as to why you have conquered a land that was never yours, and it is only by conquests and wars that you say that this land it yours.

We can explain this whole matter according to a branch and a root, since it is commonly known that Eretz (land) is called Malchut, which is the root of all created beings, reception for oneself, meaning the first who receives called the world of Infinity. 

Then there were the corrections so that the created being wouldn’t receive egoistically but want to bestow upon the Creator. … Accordingly, the order in the corporeal world should be the same as it was in spirituality: That is, this land was first given to the nations of the world, and then by overcoming and wars, they were driven out of this land and the nation of Israel conquered it and inherited it instead of the other nations.

… thus, only after the nations of the world received this land did the nation of Israel come and corrected the land so it will all be for the sake of the Creator. This is called “the Land of Israel.”

We have no justification to live in this land unless we proceed from the spiritual roots. The Creator has created the evil inclination (Eretz), meaning that the whole desire (Ratzon), the whole land, was given to the egoistic intention for oneself called “the nations of the world.” However, if there is a group called Israel (Yashar El), which means the aspiration of “straight to the Creator,” then by its work, this group conquers this desire at the cost of war in great exertion, and then this desire acquires the intention of bestowal and is called the land of Israel.

This means that there are terms such as “the nation of Israel” and the “Land of Israel,” a special zone in Malchut of Infinity or on earth, as a branch of the spiritual root, that has the right to be called so according to the intention of the souls or the people in this world who populate it.

Israel cannot exist as the land of the nation of Israel, like in the case of all the other nations on the world. It is always part of the nations of the world, of the huge desire to receive for one’s own sake that must be corrected to bestowal. This cannot happen without war, without our work.

In the future, the land of Israel should spread all over the world, meaning that all of the desire will be in order to bestow. Then, the complete redemption comes. To the extent that we manage to perform such corrections in the spiritual world, we will see better results in the corporeal world. If we have received the corporeal land of Israel, it is only a chance we were given from Above, which we must fulfill through our corrections.

This has never happened before. It’s only in our times when we have returned to the land of Israel from exile before we have become worthy of it internally. We didn’t spend forty years in the desert, we didn’t correct ourselves by the Torah, but we have received a chance to come here uncorrected and unworthy. We have received this land as a corporeal branch in order to conquer it completely, to conquer its spiritual root too, which is the sign of the complete redemption.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/13

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