Independence In The Global World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can you say about the Independence Day that the nation of Israel is celebrating?

Answer: If we are speaking about Israel, we are not independent. On the contrary, we absolutely depend on our neighbors, on America, and on the entire world. In general, today, no nation is independent. On the contrary, we see how much they all depend upon each other.

So, what is true independence? It means that we have attained a good unification between us. The better this unification, the more independent each will feel within it. If one has good relationships with others, they don’t oblige him to do something that he doesn’t want to do, and he also behaves in this way with them. Therefore, logically, everyone is independent and yet interconnected.

Today we are already unable to cut off ties between us. The world has become like a closed system, all its parts are connected, and it’s impossible to sever this connection even with the help of world wars. Mutual dependence will remain and only grow.

So what are we going to do? The answer is the same: Only a good connection between us will give us all a feeling of independence, even though all of us absolutely depend upon each other like cells or organs in one body. It is possible to feel independent only when there is a mutual balance, when we understand that belonging to the system is a constant search for harmony and complementarity between us.

A healthy person doesn’t feel his body. A healthy body makes it possible for us to act at full force, without any limits. In a good connection, too, we will free ourselves of any limitations and find our independence. This is the only possibility, there simply is no other.

If some nation supposes that by rising above others it will become more independent, the opposite is true: It becomes more dependent on all. The best example is the United States, which is immersed in various conflicts and confrontations, and is unable to get out of a tangle of problems. This “concern about the world” costs the United States many billions, and they cannot rid themselves of this until they understand that it is necessary to correct relationships with everybody. This is exactly what the United State, as a great power, should take care of. Namely Americans have to introduce integral education to the world. Otherwise, they can expect trouble from the entire world.

In fact, the entire world is one family, and in every good family, there is a head that is concerned about everyone and takes care of them. This is a simple rule.

Baal HaSulam writes in the essay, “Peace in the World”:

“Do not be surprised if I mix together the well-being of a particular collective with the well-being of the whole world because indeed, we have already come to such a degree that the whole world is considered one collective and one society. Meaning, because each person in the world draws his life’s marrow and his livelihood from all the people in the world, he is coerced to serve and care for the well-being of the whole world. …

We should not discuss further something that is known to all, and the aforesaid is only to show the drawback, the place that needs correction, and that is that each and every individual will understand that his own benefit and the benefit of the collective are one and same thing. In that, the world will come to its full correction.”
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/13, “The Israeli Nation”

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