A Land That Was Given To Us As A Down Payment For The Spiritual Correction

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe location of the land of Israel is initially a desire that belongs to the nations of the world. As a corporeal result of the spiritual root, a group called the nation of Israel comes to this land and conquers it, freeing it from the peoples who are living in it so that it can be called the land of Israel.

This happens thanks to the connection of the corporeal branches with the spiritual root, since otherwise we would have no right to exist on this land and no right to inherit the land. Only if we are adapted to this land in the spiritual sense and are worthy of it according to our correction can we live on it.

Thus, Baal HaSulam says that in our world we have received the state of Israel as an opportunity from Above. First we come to the land of Israel totally unprepared and not united as the real Israeli nation. By constantly going through the correction on the account of a person’s work, the correction of the intention, through this, he could come and conquer the desire called the land of Israel.

This is what happened with the group of Abraham who left Babylon and who later returned to this land after the exodus from Egypt. Before that there was the gathering before Mt. Sinai and the forty years of exile in the desert, and then the wars of conquering this land, the land of Israel and the areas around it that were part of the conquests of King David.

But it was all on the condition that they first corrected the human level in them and then the rest of the lower levels. It is because the intention precedes the desire: First the desire should be corrected and then it conquers the intention and dominates it.

It is the desire that is called human or the nation of Israel. When the desire is corrected after the intention in all its levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, it is called the land of Israel.

So in the past we came prepared for the corporeal actions on this land and then after having conquered it we called it the land of Israel. But this time we return totally unprepared internally. Therefore, these wars are not in order to conquer the Holy Land, not in order to free it from the ego, but rather an opportunity to discover the need for the correction of man. To the extent that we correct ourselves, we will really receive our land of Israel.

Otherwise, it will never be ours. If we are late in our correction, we will hear more and more complaints from the nations of the world, from those who are next to us and those who are far from us, claiming that this land doesn’t belong to us. It will be very difficult to stand against that, and no one will listen to our excuses since they are really very weak. We will not be able to convince anyone with excuses about events that took place two thousand years ago, and if the nations of the world start to blame us, it will make a big noise all over the world.

There is a feeling that this place doesn’t really belong to us, among the nations of the world and also among the Jews themselves. It is because the corporeal branch should reflect the spiritual root, and so far, we have not been awarded with a connection to the root. Therefore, the nations of the world don’t feel our connection to the land.

We were given such a chance from Above once, and we were hopeful and so were the nations of the world; there was a kind of an illumination. But unfortunately during the last decades of the existence of the state of Israel this illumination has disappeared. I have not heard anyone, except for the Bnei Baruch group, crying out for the spiritual correction of the Israeli nation and for the corporeal correction.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/13, Writings of Baal Hasulam “Inheritance of the Land”

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