The Land Of Israel On The Map And In The Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanIsrael are not saved unless they are all one bundle, and Zion was saved.”

The reflection of the goal of creation, of the shattering, is reflected throughout the history of the Israeli nation that conquers the land of Israel, and only afterward does it have the privilege to be called a “created being.” The desire to receive itself cannot be bad since everything is managed by the intention and it is the only thing that determines what happens with the creation.

The created being grows only by its intention and it can feel, understand, and expand the perception of its “vessels,” thus becoming an independent entity. The desire to receive and the Light are given to him infinitely.

When the created being begins to work and understand that it is part of the intention and not the desire, it is the beginning of Adam (a human being). This is the critical turning point in the development of all of creation. At that moment when a person begins to tie himself to the intention, he becomes a human being, which means that he transcends his desire and determines everything according to the intention: to whom and to what he wants to belong.

People who determine everything according to their intention, who develop it and ignore their desire are called Yashar -El (those who yearn for the Creator), Israel. By that they differ from people who want to develop and to determine the course of their life according to their desire and the size of its filling.

Desire (Ratzon) means earth, land, (Eretz), earthliness, which means connecting to the low corporeal desires. The loyalty to the intention, however, is considered upper. According to this criterion, the world is called upper or lower, apertures above and below.

If we develop according to our desire, it is a natural development according to the Reshimot (informational genes). The desire to develop is what forces us to change, which is called the natural development, but if we develop by the intention, then it is already up to us. It doesn’t happen naturally, in its time, as time goes by, according to nature’s plan. It is a development by the path of “I shall hasten it,” according to the pace that we determine ourselves.

Developing according to the desire is the usual animal development on the levels of the still nature, the vegetative, and the animate in which a person first develops in a state of unconsciousness. However, developing according to the intention is the real human development, and so he is called Adam since he corrects his intention and by that becomes similar (Domeh) to the Creator.

The intention that is aimed at the Creator is called Israel or the nation of Israel. The desire that is under the domination of this intention is called the land of Israel. The correction that we have to make is to bring our desire under the domination of the intention of in order to bestow. This means to conquer the “whole world” (the whole desire) of which the nations of the world are accusing Israel. It means placing all of the desire of the world of Ein Sof (Infinity) under the domination of the intention of bringing contentment to the Creator. This would mean that the land of Israel has spread all over the earth.

So, it is clear now that the land of Israel cannot be a ready made piece of land, like a geographic zone on the map, but everything depends on a person’s readiness to correct himself and accordingly to also conquer a place that is called the land of Israel, on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, which means to receive it, to inherit it in the corporeal sense.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/15/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam “Inheritance of the Land”

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