Light Desires

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Metzora), 14:36:… After this, the Cohen shall come to look at the house.

A person who rises to the level of a Cohen (priest) and is able to correct his desires, no longer checks his body and his clothes since these desires already have been purified and he is in a corrected state in them, but the house is his external desires.

The more external a desire is, the easier it is to correct it. However, on the other hand, the easier it is to correct it, the more it stands out as an interruption.

Here there is an inverse relationship: It is easier to correct 1000 kilograms than 100 kilograms, and it is easier to correct 100 kilograms than 10 kilograms. So, on the whole, these values are interrelated.

This means that the light desires are everywhere, like bacteria, for example. There are so many that you need to protect yourself from them. There are such terrible desires inside you, like viruses, and you must correct them. It is a different kind of work, which is more internal. But there are fewer of these desires.

These are the bricks by which we later must build ourselves.

There are billions of different viruses and bacteria in our world that constantly attack us. They keep a general balance: homeostasis. It is impossible to live without them.

Of course, we can dismiss this, but, if we want to find meaning in life and understand who we are and what we are, we cannot do it without knowing a person’s inner attributes.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/5/14

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