Temporary Postponement

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Metzora), 14:37-14:41: And he shall look at the lesion. Now, [if] the lesion in the walls of the house consists of dark green or dark red sunken looking stains, appearing as if deeper than the wall, then the Cohen shall go out of the house to the entrance of the house, and he shall quarantine the house for seven days.

Then the Cohen shall return on the seventh day and look [at the house]. Now, [if] the lesion has spread in the walls of the house, the Cohen shall order that they remove the stones upon which the lesion is [found], and they shall cast them away outside the city, to an unclean place.

We can feel and trace things described above inside our desires. The entire world is given to us through our sensations and there is nothing besides desire.

That’s why the Torah says very clearly and explicitly that we feel things at higher levels as forces or as desires that are “materialized” in various shapes, colors, scents, etc. Still, they are only desires and nothing but desires.

The Torah, “Leviticus” (Metzora), 14:42-14:43, 14:45: And they shall take other stones and bring them instead of those stones. And he shall take other [mortar] dust, and plaster the house.  And if the lesion returns and erupts in the house, after he had removed the stones, and after the house had been scraped around and after it had been plastered, then the Cohen shall come and look [at it]. Now, [if] the lesion in the house has spread, it is malignant tzara’ath in the house; it is unclean. He shall demolish the house, its stones, its wood, and all the [mortar] dust of the house, and he shall take [them] outside the city, to an unclean place.

We, humans, are the ones who produce ulcers. We even manage to incorporate new, good qualities that are given to us into our egoism and spoil them.

First, one can work with an egoistic desire that is called “a house,” but when one regards it through the Upper Light, one understands that it’s impossible to work with this desire alone. This is why one destroys (postpones) it.

This desire is not being cancelled, but rather is taken “outside of the city” and “discharged.” It means that correction of this particular desire is deferred. After working with “the house,” one corrects “the yard,” and then the entire world. That’s why one way or the other, we still return to correcting deferred desires.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/5/14

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