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New York University Students Boycott Israel

laitman_626Question: The Graduate Student Association of New York University voted to support the resolution to impose a boycott on Israel. This resolution calls for the Student Union and all of its sponsors to end all ties with Tel Aviv University. Can this boycott be stopped?

Answer: It depends on us, the students of the wisdom of Kabbalah, on how much we succeed in explaining to everyone what the mission of the people of Israel is, why we exist as a nation and as a people. The role of the people of Israel is to bring humanity to the goal of creation, to the goal of the development of civilization. Those students who rise up against us as well as the entire world must discover and know this. It is up to us to say this with a “Voice of Voices” (Berachot 15b), in every street, on every stage, and in all of the communications media.

Unfortunately, we cannot even reach the Jewish people yet, all the more so everyone else; so this kind of threatening news will continue to reach us daily from all over the world, and gradually the “siege” will begin to tighten around us in the same manner but with different configurations.

The student boycott will be replaced by a technology boycott, an industrial boycott, an international trade boycott, the buying and selling of goods and so forth. But today no nation can exist in isolation, just as a family cannot exist alone without buying everything it needs at a store. So we have no choice. We must accelerate and rapidly catch up with the time that we have lost.

Jews all over the world must understand that the Creator is the one who is “narrowing the ring” around us, pushing us to carry out our mission. It is up to us to show all of humanity how to unite correctly for the sake of the world. Humanity can unite around the boycott against us, while on the contrary, we can come together if we begin to teach them about the right mutual connection between them. There are a total of two possibilities for the world. They can unite against us or unite with us in order to rise to the next higher level of human development.

The Jews cannot escape their obligation. We must carry out our mission because otherwise the boycott will become an “iron belt” tightening around us, a locked fortress that is being attacked from within and without. And we cannot hold our position because this is a “war” against the Creator.

Our role is not just to survive like all the rest of the peoples, but to show them the way toward the Creator. The Torah was given to us for this, and all the peoples subconsciously expect salvation from us. This is the reason they blame us for all of their problems.

We, the Kabbalists, must try to carry out our mission quickly with regard to the Jewish people; the Jewish people must realize their mission with regard to the nations of the world, and everyone together must carry out the general mission of humanity with regard to the Creator. Everything is realized in a single chain.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 4/25/16

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The Conception Of The Soul

laitman_622_02Question: When does the soul appear in a person? Is it during birth or during its conception?

Answer: A person’s soul appears during his spiritual conception when he begins to fulfill his Reshimo (his spiritual gene). A person’s first ascent above his ego and his inclusion in the upper world is called the point of incorporation in the upper world. Then the upper world becomes a womb and the root of his soul, the Reshimo, becomes a sperm that takes its place in the upper world and the conception of the soul begins.

Question: Is there a father and mother, etc. in the spiritual world?

Answer: Everything that is depicted in the form of objects in our world, like a mother, a father and people, is actually depicted in us by the upper forces because in spirituality everything exists in the form of forces, while in our world everything is revealed as objects.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/21/16

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One’s Own Trial

Laitman_514_02Torah “Numbers,” 30:35: Whoever [namely the blood avenger] kills a person, based on the testimony of witnesses, he shall slay the murderer. A single witness may not testify against a person so that he should die.

The Torah is the basis even for the present laws. The first purchase and sale contracts come from Abraham, who purchased the land for the Mearat a-Machpelah cave for his tomb. Under the contract with Hebron, he paid 400 shekels of silver for it.

Question: What does it mean, “based on the testimony of witnesses, he shall slay the murderer”?

Answer: Evidence in court can be based on the statements from at least two witnesses, unrelated to the suspect.

Therefore, each one of them was interrogated separately, confused on purpose, and their statements were compared in order to precisely determine that both witnesses were not connected to each other in any way and that there was no relationship, mutual interest, or agreement between them. Only after this was it possible to accept their statements.

A witness is one who saw with his own eyes what happened, not just heard something.

In spirituality “to see the killer” means to reach the level of Hochma, that is the level of complete awareness of what is happening inside me.

When I see how the egoism in me destroys the good inclination that would wish to lead me forward and doesn’t allow me to do a good action, then I assess it sanely. After all, only by rising to the level of Hochma can I turn against egoism.

If, except from the present state, I have one more state, one more witness (that is, I saw something, discovered something inside me) then, for the first time, it is not enough for me. If for the second time I will see the same phenomenon and will grasp it in my mind, that’s it, it is enough in order to eradicate it in me.

Therefore I have to see the killer at least twice, twice to rise to the level of Hochma.

Only then will I have strength and ability to conduct a fair trial, make the right conclusion and eradicate this phenomenon in me.

“To rise to the level of Hochma,” means to realize the source of what is happening and manage to rise above it, manage to eradicate this state in myself to such an extent that I already would not have to correct it on this degree.

I receive from the above such a serious force of judgment (judgment as well is the level of Hochma) that from this level, from this moment on, I am already above all the disturbances. Therefore it is considered that I kill them, eradicate them inside me, and correct them.

But in any case, everything dispenses without imprisonment and jails; flight is made to the city of refuge, or the correction happens on the spot.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/16/15

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How Does A Kabbalist Live?

Laitman_912Question: Is it easy for a Kabbalist to live in the physical world?

Answer: It is very simple. A Kabbalist understands his deficiencies and the deficiencies of other people, he understands everything that is portrayed as a burden on them and on him; so he forgives people.

A Kabbalist sees his own reflection in everything that is found outside of him, which are the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and human. These are the four levels of his egoism, which are portrayed in front of him.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/21/16

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Depression Affects The Whole Body

Laitman_037In the News (Science Daily): “An international team of researchers led by the University of Granada (UGR) has demonstrated, for the first time, that depression is more than a mental disorder: it causes important alterations of the oxidative stress, so it should be considered a systemic disease, since it affects the whole organism.

“The results of this work could explain the significant association that depression has with cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and why people suffering from depression die younger. At the same time, this research may help finding new therapeutic targets for the prevention and treatment of depression.”

My Comment: Of course, the entire body is affected because the body, as well as the whole of creation, is a complete system, ten Sefirot, according to the general rule, “There is no partial in spirituality.”

The more that research of this type will become known to us, perhaps people will understand more rapidly that depression is clear sign of the demand by the body to attain fulfillment of the desire for pleasure in any way. In our day, fulfillment of the desire for pleasure is possible only through discovering the meaning of life. This is possible only by discovering our next level of development, which is the revelation of the upper world with the help of the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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New Life 723 – The Holocaust In A Kabbalistic Perspective

New Life 723 – The Holocaust In A Kabbalistic Perspective
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

Why was the Nazi’s hatred aimed mainly toward the Jews? What should we learn from the growing anti-Semitism today, and how does the wisdom of Kabbalah explain the duty of the nation of Israel to the world?

The nation of Israel should bring the method of correction to the world as “Light unto the nations.” If it doesn’t do so the evil force will arrive. If it doesn’t connect the world in love and goodness, the evil force will force it to connect just as the Nazis did during the Holocaust. The Nazis attacked us as part of an ideological war. They wanted to destroy our spiritual dominance. We have brought the blow upon ourselves because we didn’t do our job and didn’t listen to the Kabbalists who called us to start the correction of the world.

When a person suffers greatly and doesn’t feel that he can overcome what is happening in any way, the only thing left for him to do is self-annulment. He accepted what happens, and thus the point of truth in him awakens, the human spirit. Rabbi Akiva was saved from drowning in the sea thanks to self-annulment when he held onto a log and lowered his head every time he a wave washed over him. After the blow, the human spirit remains in order to allow a person to recover and correct himself, and so it is less important to speak about what happened and more important to understand how to prevent another blow. Nature requires all of humanity to become one bundle as “First Man,” so in order to prevent another blow, we have to work on our connection and thus connect the whole world.

We, the nation of Israel, have the method of connection, which is the wisdom of Kabbalah. Nazism isn’t a German notion but another phase in the development of society following socialism, and it might spread throughout Europe and the US. The whole world might unite against us because its good future depends on us. We have received the Torah, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the method of correcting human nature from evil to good.

Unfortunately, the nation of Israel still lives according to values that are incompatible with its spiritual root. The fact that we have a state today is no guarantee in preventing another blow since the whole world might unite against us, and so the only solution is to work on the connection between us. The Holocaust Remembrance Day is a time for soul searching.
From KabTV’s “New Life 723 – The Holocaust In A Kabbalistic Perspective,” 4/28/16

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