One’s Own Trial

Laitman_514_02Torah “Numbers,” 30:35: Whoever [namely the blood avenger] kills a person, based on the testimony of witnesses, he shall slay the murderer. A single witness may not testify against a person so that he should die.

The Torah is the basis even for the present laws. The first purchase and sale contracts come from Abraham, who purchased the land for the Mearat a-Machpelah cave for his tomb. Under the contract with Hebron, he paid 400 shekels of silver for it.

Question: What does it mean, “based on the testimony of witnesses, he shall slay the murderer”?

Answer: Evidence in court can be based on the statements from at least two witnesses, unrelated to the suspect.

Therefore, each one of them was interrogated separately, confused on purpose, and their statements were compared in order to precisely determine that both witnesses were not connected to each other in any way and that there was no relationship, mutual interest, or agreement between them. Only after this was it possible to accept their statements.

A witness is one who saw with his own eyes what happened, not just heard something.

In spirituality “to see the killer” means to reach the level of Hochma, that is the level of complete awareness of what is happening inside me.

When I see how the egoism in me destroys the good inclination that would wish to lead me forward and doesn’t allow me to do a good action, then I assess it sanely. After all, only by rising to the level of Hochma can I turn against egoism.

If, except from the present state, I have one more state, one more witness (that is, I saw something, discovered something inside me) then, for the first time, it is not enough for me. If for the second time I will see the same phenomenon and will grasp it in my mind, that’s it, it is enough in order to eradicate it in me.

Therefore I have to see the killer at least twice, twice to rise to the level of Hochma.

Only then will I have strength and ability to conduct a fair trial, make the right conclusion and eradicate this phenomenon in me.

“To rise to the level of Hochma,” means to realize the source of what is happening and manage to rise above it, manage to eradicate this state in myself to such an extent that I already would not have to correct it on this degree.

I receive from the above such a serious force of judgment (judgment as well is the level of Hochma) that from this level, from this moment on, I am already above all the disturbances. Therefore it is considered that I kill them, eradicate them inside me, and correct them.

But in any case, everything dispenses without imprisonment and jails; flight is made to the city of refuge, or the correction happens on the spot.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 12/16/15

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