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You Must Be An Altruist

laitman_568_01Comment: Few in the world succeed in living according to the ancient altruistic principle, “Do not do to your friend what is hateful to you” (Shabbat 31a). Leonardo Christov-Moore and Marco Lacoboni, scientists at the University of California, reached the conclusion that a method exists to get people to behave less egoistically and to experience greater altruism.

This conclusion was reached after many studies were carried out whose findings showed that it was possible to inject a vaccine into a person and obligate him to behave more pro-socially.

Answer: I would say this differently. A person is essentially a highly developed animal and it is possible to teach him to carry out particular actions so that he will not “dirty up” his house. It is just necessary to educate him correctly for this purpose, meaning that the concept must be conveyed to him correctly. Through it he will understand that he will be punished for some actions and rewarded for others.

We experience pain as a punishment and pleasure as reward. These create electrical impulses that flow through us and create various amino acids.

So it would be possible to invent a device that would transmit a signal with a particular frequency to a person that would penetrate a sensor sewn inside the person and this person would feel pleasure or pain according to his good or bad actions. In this way, it would be possible to turn a person into a “Pavlovian dog.”

If we begin to be involved with education according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it would seem that it suggests something else. It suggests that a person can be elevated to the level of the “device” that sends him the reward and punishment.

At the same time, a person must understand how he is built and develop to the highest state in which no punishment exists but only an immense reward. The person will understand that this exalted state is possible only when he is absolutely connected with others and builds an organic whole with everyone. In other words, we must bring ourselves to a state in which the positive impulse found in nature fills us all the time while the negative impulse gradually begins to function only to remove from us what is called the “dregs,” the residual garbage from our “good” efforts, and leave a place that can be filled with everything wonderful and eternal.

I believe that it is up to us to be in connection with the higher nature, not with the help of sensors but with whoever manages the sensors.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/28/16

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A Solution We Have Not Considered

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn the background of a wave of anti-Semitism that is growing stronger and concern about another Holocaust, there is a solution that we have not considered. During the week when we stop to remember the millions who perished in the Holocaust, let’s understand why Jews are hated in the world.
From Rav’s film in Hebrew 5/5/16

Watch Into Truth: Cracking the Jewish Riddle

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The War Of The Sexes, Part 1

laitman_552_03Freedom And Instincts

Question: The war of the sexes is the most fascinating battle that a person starts from early childhood.

At the age of 5-7 years, we already see a big difference between boys and girls; confrontations and conflicts start between these two groups, and on the other hand, they feel attraction.

How can we explain this game that continues throughout life?

Answer: Man is the most flawed and miserable part of nature. After all, all of inanimate nature, plants, and animals behave according to the instincts acting within them. Lion and lioness or elephant and elephant cow don’t question how to behave with each other.

Everything is clear to them and everything happens according to the laws of nature that control them. Each one knows what it needs to do and acts in this framework. Their life is much simpler than a human’s.

But man is left the freedom of action, since it is at a higher level of development than animals. Man can decide by himself what the correct relationship between a man and woman should be, as well as many other forms of behavior and attitudes toward society, nature, the upper force, and our whole life in general. All this doesn’t bother animals and not even humans when they are not very developed.

But developed people think about it and, when establishing relationships, must act artificially instead of following instincts. It is essential to study the nature of man and woman and to be aware of our current state as well as the final state that we have to reach.

Based on this we by ourselves need to build such a system of relations between men and women for mutual replenishment that nature itself would have created if it were dealing with it.

For this we have a lot to learn. It is impossible to resolve it ourselves without knowing the deepest laws of nature, human nature, and the ultimate goal of his evolution. It is necessary to comprehend the nature of men and women, to find out why we are the way we are and not different, and what forms of mutual relations we need to reach. It is obvious that we need to make up for each other.

But it doesn’t look like people understand this. Psychology of men and women is a young field of research in its infancy. And besides, we do not know anything at all about the general nature and an inner psychology of person: my view of the world, myself, my life and perspective.

We do not see and cannot imagine a future image of men or women, what will they be in a hundred or thousand years. It is necessary for us to know what the ideal relationship between men and women should be in every moment on the time axis. But we do not have any idea about it.

And so we can’t give our children a proper education on this subject without knowing what to tell them. In school curriculums this most important subject is also absent. All this brings disorder in our lives and many disappointments, problems, even tragedies. It is obvious that such education is necessary, and the wisdom of Kabbalah could provide invaluable help here.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 3/31/16

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A Bill To Cancel Transactions

laitman_566_02Comment: A new bill was proposed to cancel financial transactions imposed on the weaker sectors of the population, over the phone or during a visit of a representative from different companies, that push pensioners, new immigrants, or disabled people to buying products they have no need for.

Previously it was possible to cancel transactions within two weeks of a purchase, now it is proposed to extend the period to four months.

Answer: Correct. It is essential. In addition, organize legal aid for these people to protect them from the various offers and unexpected visits they receive. Such occurrences are frequent! After all, we are talking about a lot of money.

It is worthwhile to add, because at present there is a transition to communicate through the Internet since people contact each other through the internet and prefer not to go to stores.

Comment: The whole matter is about lack of trust….

Answer: The whole matter is about the egoistic nature of man that wants to cheat others, to get rich at the expense of others, and it’s the only way to earn a lot of money.

Question: Why does it make us feel good?

Answer: A person doesn’t just get corporeal satisfaction from it but also moral satisfaction. He feels that he is higher, more successful, and smarter than the other, that he is special.

Further, he is strongly convinced that he did a good deed for the “poor guy,” by selling him something a little cheaper.  He even justifies himself.

There is nothing we can do; we live in this world. If we reveal this from the viewpoint of egoistic existence, then we are speaking about constantly “deceiving ” each other and a constant struggle at all levels: in the government, in organizations, and between them!

Everything is aimed at deceiving people, taking advantage of them. First I think how  I will profit in relation to the other, that the other person should lose, and that he will lose in such a way that the next time he will come to me anyway and will buy from me. This means that the next time I can deceive again. And that’s the way it is all the time.

Question: Will there be an end to this?

Answer: The end will come only after all the population goes through general education. It needs to be a political mission. We need to support education for the society, for the nation, and also for the United Nations. After all, it should be involved only in education!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 3/31/16

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Who Is The Messiah?

Laitman_421_01Question: Baal HaSulam wrote in his article, “The Last Generation,” Part 1: “and they will come to the Messiah, to Jerusalem, and he will teach them this Torah.” Who is he talking about and who is the Messiah that they will come to?

Answer: All the nations of the world will turn to the upper force of nature, the force of unity and love that will pull humanity out of the original sin, of the ego. This force is called Messiah, stemming from the Hebrew root “Limshoch – to pull.”

We can summon this force only when we have a desire to ascend spiritually to the level of absolute love and bestowal that is based on complete fear of fulfilling the general commandment of the Torah, “love thy friend as thyself.” This level is called complete fear, Ira Shalem, or Jerusalem. If you wish to fulfill that, you are invited to take part in our courses.

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New Life #649 – Product Labeling And Hatred Of Israel

New Life #649 – Product Labeling And Hatred Of Israel
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

What is the reason for the boycott of products from Israel, why will the feelings of hatred of the world toward us increase in the future, and how will it be possible to transform these feelings of hatred to love and support for Israel?


Among the Israeli public, there are also those who think that product labeling is good because this will advance us in the peace process.

The more that the people develop, the differences of opinion among them grow, and we already know that the outbreak of hatred among us is destroying us. Before the destruction, disagreements were altruistic, that were how we increased connection. The dispute between right and left in Israel has already existed for more than a century, no one listens to the other.

As the world develops, everyone becomes connected to each other. And if the relationship is not good, this creates a problem. All people are parts of a single system called “Adam.” Israel, which is from the phrase “Li-Rosh” (I have a head), are the head. The world feels that we determine everything, so the world hates us. This hatred has been prominent in all of Israel’s wars.

We survive only because we are able to connect with each other and bring the power of connection to the world.

The labeling of products from Israel is only the first step; everything that is offered against us is will be welcomed by the world. If we continue to fight brother against brother here in this country, the world will rise up against us more and more.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is revealed today to teach us to connect, and then the world will feel that abundance comes from here. Even our neighbors, who are sending their children to murder us today, will relax. We determine the next news bulletin.

Nothing will help us other than connection between us. Even if we were to hand over the entire land of Israel, the hatred would continue. Only if we learn to connect above all the differences between us, will everyone connect well with us.
From KabTV’s “New Life #649 – Product Labeling And Hatred Of Israel,” 11/12/15

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