Who Is The Messiah?

Laitman_421_01Question: Baal HaSulam wrote in his article, “The Last Generation,” Part 1: “and they will come to the Messiah, to Jerusalem, and he will teach them this Torah.” Who is he talking about and who is the Messiah that they will come to?

Answer: All the nations of the world will turn to the upper force of nature, the force of unity and love that will pull humanity out of the original sin, of the ego. This force is called Messiah, stemming from the Hebrew root “Limshoch – to pull.”

We can summon this force only when we have a desire to ascend spiritually to the level of absolute love and bestowal that is based on complete fear of fulfilling the general commandment of the Torah, “love thy friend as thyself.” This level is called complete fear, Ira Shalem, or Jerusalem. If you wish to fulfill that, you are invited to take part in our courses.

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